~ Creating A Sacred Space ~ From the Mundane to the Magic ~

~ A Space outside of Time where the ‘role’ stops and ‘You’ exist ~ 

Samantha is known for the space of calming, quiet, gently powerful, non-judgement, guiding presence that eases her clients into an openness.

These beautiful sacred spaces are held for:
Transition – personal and professional
Openness for a sense of direction
Revealing of deeper insights, inspiration and clarity
Space to just ‘be’ outside of the ‘norm’
Space to reflect and be guided
To be in deeper harmony with the divine presence
To step away from the mundane and explore the magic; relighting the passion within.

It gives Samantha great pleasure and humility to be witness by the transformation and unfoldment that occurs during spacious moments together, spent within the energy of loving, sacred, still, abundance.  To witness the calmness and sense of clarity gained by her clients; to observe the revelation of direction and inspiration; to spend time with others, in a sense of ‘outside of time’; is a joy to be shared and she remains humble within this opportunity to be a part of your experience.  To view others develop their beautiful self-awareness to gently empower themselves with a natural sense of ‘yes’…for very often there is no other way to describe it.

Samantha rests deeply in spacious awareness and is always deeply supportive of your unique experience. Her inner knowing, deep awareness, calming voice, natural humour and non-judgement allows her to be within the awareness of, and understanding of, the stillness within the sacred purity of life itself, and the wonder of all that exists.  To be in oneness with all things.

Contact us by Tel: 07870 557641 ~ Or Email: ofsacredstillness@gmail.com 

Beyond the session, the changes in me have been really noticeable – an inner calmness in my day-to-day activities and in my meditation practise, I am accessing a deeper awareness and sense of peace. Sam is intuitive, using her really caring and gentle energy to facilitate changes. I am so impressed with the changes I have made. I highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to have a deeper experience of the positive things in life.      Ben Oakley. BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.