The beauty of Divine Expression, that which you are, has a uniqueness to it that is like no other. It expresses itself as a beautiful expression of divinity in ultimate truth. 

My speciality and my passion is in being within the stillness and joining with others who are deeply dedicated to their spiritual practice including inner inquiry, development and continued evolution.  It gives me great pleasure and humility to be witness by the transformation and unfoldment that occurs during spacious moments together.  The delight in sensing the depth of loving presence that is in participation of our coming together leaves me in awe, and I am truly grateful for the experience of truth that arises from within. To spend time with others, in a sense of ‘outside of time’, is a joy to be shared and I remain humble in the opportunity to be a part of the continued expansion of higher consciousness.

I honour the depth of sensitivity that can arise when spiritual awakening occurs together with those who are naturally born with High Sensitivity, together with those under the understanding of being an Empath.

Come, join me in the openness of the loving presence of stillness, and thank you, for the possible opportunity of being a part of your spiritual development and unfoldment within your uniqueness….

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