Hi I’m Sam

I’m an empathic, highly sensitive energy practitioner specialising in working with spiritually gifted people to transform their gifts into monetary professions in order to bring about higher spiritual consciousness to our beautiful planet and its people.

Spiritual gifts are many and aplenty; they can be anything from healers to healthcare professionals, dog walkers to dentists, writers to waiters…anybody within the understanding that they want to make a difference – both to others and our beautiful planet.

To embody and ground your creation/vision by encompassing the understanding that everything is energy – helping you to move into a space where you’re attracting what’s in your heart with both your product, you as a person and the premises etc you’re working from.

I hold the vision and the space to enable you to achieve what’s in your heart, to grow in your own consciousness and transform your vocation into joy, freedom and into alignment of who you are; fulfilling your true potential.  Also offering the space for deep personal transformation and growth to take place in order to help you to align your energy to your highest dreams, feel more self-empowered and to ultimately be spiritually balanced, both in your work and your personal life.

Helping you to move beyond any self-perceived limitations to embody, create and ground your beautiful vision into ultimate reality; trusting your intuition and expanding your awareness into a place that is in perfection for you and your truly aligned purpose.

Ground your vision and your creation into something that thrives – personally and professionally.  

To book your appointment, or a free 20 minute consultation, contact me on – Tel: 07870 557641 or email: samanthacrosshealingandtherapy@gmail.com

Here is a wonderful comment I received from a previous client:

“I found Sam’s sessions utterly engaging from the start. Sam is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, likeable and very professional. Each session left me increasingly empowered with greater self-awareness, practical tools and a generally more positive outlook on life. I cannot recommend Sam too highly.” FK, Bristol