Hi I’m Sam

I specialise in helping people open up and move into a space of deeper awareness; to embody their experiences; understand their individual depth and uniqueness together with facilitating development of their own spiritual autonomy. Moving into a space of monetising their spiritual gifts into professions to bring about higher spiritual consciousness both to our beautiful planet and its people.

Life wants to know itself and experience itself in every evenue of your life.

When it’s not, suffering happens and you may find there’s a ‘bump’ in the road of life; you’re stuck.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of ‘work on yourself’ and it’s exhausting and seemingly endless.  Maybe you’re missing or not valuing your natural spirit gifts.  The gifts that make you unique; that you can’t teach.

Life is calling you to wake up to the deeper part of yourself that exists within; to become aware of your intuition, your inner clarity, to have balance and to slow down into a space that’s more expansive and centred within inspiration and inner knowing. It’s a gentle (or maybe not so gentle) nudge to move into the ultimate understanding of your spiritual consciousness; uniquely individual, beautiful, abundant and a deep expression of love.

I am here, with you, holding you in a deeper state of loving presence to help you re-member who you are and to bring that into every avenue of your experience….ultimately specialising in helping you monetise your gifts. Whether that’s within your current business, new business idea, vocation or with your employees.

To facilitate your movement into a space that enables transformation on a deeper level; enabling a profound shift into higher, more expansive, state of consciousness.  Delight as your true nature emerges and you feel empowered.

To allow the space for transformation and arising of inner wisdom, knowing, deep acceptance, courage, stillness of presence and the continuation of your awakening experience.  Spaciousness within the understanding of a quieter mind; an abundant feeling; and a grounded experience, can move mountains.

To help those who are feeling/sensing/hearing a pull within themselves that the time is now.

To also work with those who have a passion to bring about higher spiritual consciousness to our planet and its people.  Is it time for you to show up? Honour the fact that the world needs your unique presence in order to continue what is the divine understanding of the universe – greater consciousness.

To book your appointment, or a free 20 minute consultation, contact me on – Tel: 07870 557641 or email: ofsacredstillness@gmail.com

Here is a wonderful comment I received from a previous client:

“I found Sam’s sessions utterly engaging from the start. Sam is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, likeable and very professional. Each session left me increasingly empowered with greater self-awareness, practical tools and a generally more positive outlook on life. I cannot recommend Sam too highly.” FK, Bristol