Intuitively reading the energy and holding the space to help you discover and re-align/move through any blocks/beliefs/patterns/unconscious thoughts/energy misalignments/resistance that is holding you back personally, professionally and in your truth of your spiritual awakening; helping you move back into spacious alignment and flow.

Helping you to:

  • Have more clarity on where you are and be more inspired on how to move forward; supporting you with this.
  • Be more heart centred and compassionate with yourself and others; accessing and deepening your inner calmness
  • Helping you gain and understand the broader perspective whilst receiving spacious wisdom; thus gaining a deeper understanding of your true self.
  • Being more in alignment with the Universe/your inner being/inner knowing; thus being more open and allowing to receive your desires
  • Have more spacious awareness/movement/freedom from pain and troubling emotions etc
  • Be more grounded, embodied and centred in your spiritual awakening and connection (especially if you’re empathic and highly sensitive or a practicing medium/healer/therapist)
  • Learn new techniques to practice daily and draw on them when times get really tough
  • To receive, through energy transmission, higher levels of consciousness for your individual needs and spiritual awakening.
  • Be more at home with yourself and know yourself on a deeper more expanded, truthful level; thus helping you notice stress, anxiety and other emotional reactions quicker, gaining the ability to move through them.
  • Energetically helping with the Law of Attraction and of ‘protection’ etc.
  • Be more spiritually awake/in alignment/consciously aware in your relationships/work/business/family/friendships/health/hobbies/loss/life changes….ultimately in all your life experiences.
  • Helping and supporting you through feelings of grief and loss of a loved one
  • Supporting you through your own development of becoming a channel/healer/medium; helping you feel more confident and aligned with spirit.
  • Helping you to fully understand and feel that you are not alone; aligning your frequency and raising your vibration into a feeling of expansion and ultimately love.

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”……..

To book an appointment, or to discuss your requirements, please either contact me on 07870 557641 or email: samanthacrosshealingandtherapy@gmail.com

“I found Sam’s sessions utterly engaging from the start. Sam is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, likeable and very professional. Each session left me increasingly empowered with greater self-awareness, practical tools to address to my stress-related issues and a generally more positive outlook on life. I cannot recommend Sam too highly.” FK, Bristol