Coincidence?….I think not….

Coincidence?….I think not…in our evening of Sound on Thursday night (19th July) I was going to get everyone involved in a Laughing up the Body exercise, and then this morning, this link to a wonderful article on the benefits of laughter dropped in my in-box!  Have a read of this great article and if you wish to join us for some sounds and laughter on Thursday then please do follow this link for more details…  xx

Richard Branson….An Inspiring Autobiography

Am totally hooked on the autobiography by Richard Branson ‘Losing My Virginity’.  It’s an amazing read so far (only quarter of the way through) but it clearly shows his passion for life and his business.  He never stops to over analyse what he is doing and just follows his gut instinct, and his love for life.  A truly inspirational read.  It’s a must if you have your own business that’s based on your true passion in life.  A man with a great philosophy….