A Bit About Me

I’ve always been highly sensitive and have known on a deeper level how other people feel and what they’re experiencing. Through my understanding of the subtleties of energy I found that I was able to naturally hear people on a deeper level.  I can also pick up on energy of buildings, places and spiritual consciousness.

I studied and trained as a holistic energy practitioner together with exploring and developing the more spiritual side of my gifts. I started to understand the different energy that was around me and learnt different ways in which I can use these practices.  I also studied meditation (including: being with my experience mediation, stillness/presence meditations, mystic meditations and relaxation meditations).  I found that I was also downloading higher teachings and wisdom coming from different realms of spiritual consciousness.

However, this all came at a cost as I didn’t adjust my life accordingly and so when the two worlds met it took a toll on my energy.  So I took the time to listen to spiritual teachings of many different philosophies and disciplines, read all I could about presence, grounding, energy work, self-soothing, self-care and self-compassion. I developed the awareness and ability to gently listen to my own stillness and the presence within and to also gently listen to what else was going on inside me – the emotional and physical pain that I was experiencing – and teaching myself to give it space and to be compassionate with it.

I felt that I was being held and supported on a deeper level and that ultimately everything was ok, there was strength within the depth and a broader perspective would often arise.  I learnt to trust the development of my spiritual connection and the understanding of my own spiritual presence; together with the beings that were teaching me and helping me to remember my ultimate spiritual divinity.

I moved into a space where I knew that, together with having a passion for people and wanting to make a difference, I desired a deeper experience within the stillness and presence I was experiencing.  It took me a while to ‘find my place’ and I knew that, ultimately, I was a truth seeker.  That I knew within me, there was a desire to go deeper into my spiritual awakening.  I then realised that was where my passion sat for helping others. I understood that, on a deeper level, I had always been a facilitator in helping others find their own truth, self-empowerment and re-alignment. Plus I have a love of teaching, inspiration and simplicity in truth.  I also realised that I could no longer ignore the pull into that deeper state of presence and became more fully aware of how my spirituality is of great importance to me; there’s a beautiful sacredness to it and I feel deeply humbled and blessed within the depth of this innocence of feeling.  This resulted in where I am today…

I am also very passionate about our beautiful planet and feel that if we can all embrace the heart centred spiritual connection we have, ground it into reality and make the space to be who we are…then our beautiful planet and our spiritual consciousness will continue to expand with joy.

To book an appointment, or my free 20 minute consultation, please either contact me on 07870 557641 or email:ofsacredstillness@gmail.com