A Bit About Me

 I’ve always been highly sensitive and have known on a deeper level how other people feel and what they’re experiencing.  I’ve been that person that you’re drawn to who you feel you can tell your deepest traumas and secrets too; it’s always come naturally to me and something that I’ve experienced all my life.  I found that I was able to naturally hear people on a deeper level.  I can also pick up on energy of buildings and places.

Life has been an amazing and, at times, painful journey but I’ve learned so much about myself through it.

I studied and trained as a holistic practitioner and worked with many wonderful individuals.  During this time I also decided to explore the mystic side of life as I’d always been able to feel energy around me since I was child. I developed my abilities in mediumship, healing, inspirational writing, channelling and trance communication etc, and also studied meditation (including: being with my experience mediation, stillness/presence meditations, mystic meditations and relaxation meditations).

Through my understanding of subtleties of energy I found that I could sense energy on a deep level, it was almost as if I was hearing it.  I’m continuing to develop this ability, and during my teachings, it’s taught me a lot. During this time I was also aware of the ability to download higher teachings of infinite wisdom; however I was finding that they weren’t necessarily generic, but specific to myself and whoever I was working with. I also become aware that these teaching were coming from different realms of spiritual consciousness, depending on who I was working with and the subject matter, and it was a great joy to become aware of this; I still feel humbled and in awe.

Listening to spiritual teachings of many different philosophies and disciplines, together with the higher wisdom I was receiving, I started to develop my own sense of spirituality.    I developed the awareness of practicing being in the present moment and began to really feel the presence within.  I developed the ability to gently listen to my own stillness and the presence within.  I also developed the ability to gently listen to what else was going on inside me, the emotional and physical pain that I was experiencing and teaching myself to give it space and to be compassionate with it.  To listen in a non-judgemental way and just being with it, gently inquiring and listening was a beautiful experience.  I felt that I was being held and supported on a deeper level and that ultimately everything was ok, there was no separation and a broader perspective would often arise.

Through my own life I have personal experience of deep profound loss; severe trauma; grief; weight issues and chronic illness.  I know what it’s like to experience awakening and then to watch how my dysfunctional mind would drag me back into ‘storytime’.  ME/CFS manifested within my life and it was by going inside and healing from within (using a number of practices and help from the ‘right’ people) was I able to move through it. It also taught me a lot about being with the deeper awareness of the essence of who I am; developing my connection to spirit divinity and receiving higher teachings; learning about self-managing a chronic illness; learning to be really honest with myself and others and what it was like to have deep compassion for myself.  I also used many tools that I had learnt from my mystic teachings and found that being with nature, using the elements and just being in a stillness meditation were the only ways to calm my head and central nervous system.  It also taught me about the true understanding of deep loss and what it’s like to live with a life changing chronic illness.  It taught me the true understanding of surrender and non-judgement.

My connection has never been as consciously strong as it is now…I am deeply grateful and humble.

I continue now to research and sit with higher beings in order to bring through more teachings….no matter where we are in our development we are always experiencing different ways to remember who we are.  I have loved being inspired by area’s of spirit consciousness; non duality; alternate dimensions; energy; religion; different therapeutic techniques; HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People); meditation; environmental healing; weight loss (mind/body and spirit wise); mindfulness; creating your reality; staying present; NDE’s; empathy; womb twin loss…

In my spare time I love reading, researching, channeling, meditating, writing, spending time by the sea and in nature, and with friends and family.  I’ve loved developing my own spiritual inquiry which is deeply precious to me and has had some profound changes on my life.

To book an appointment, or discuss your requirements, please either contact me on 07870 557641 or email:  samanthacrosshealingandtherapy@gmail.com