A Bit About Me

I’ve always been highly sensitive and have known on a deeper level when people were out of alignment with ultimate truth, however, at the time I didn’t understand that as what it was. It took many years of deeper inquiry and search within many spiritual concepts to really understand this truth within. Within the depth of my sensitivity I can also pick up on energy of buildings, places and spiritual consciousness.

During my time I’ve studied and trained as a holistic energy practitioner.  I also felt and honoured the pull of my spiritual awakening/developing.  I started to understand the different energy that was around me and learnt different ways in which I can use different practices.  I also studied meditation (including: being with my experience mediation, stillness/presence meditations, mystic meditations and relaxation meditations).  I found that I was also awakening to higher teachings and wisdom coming from different dimensions of spiritual consciousness.

During a time of chronic illness I took the time to listen to spiritual teachings of many different philosophies and disciplines, read all I could about presence, grounding, energy work, quantum theory, self-soothing, self-care and self-compassion. I developed the awareness and ability to gently listen to my own stillness and the presence within and to also gently listen to what else was going on inside me – the emotional and physical pain that I was experiencing – and teaching myself to give it space, to be compassionate with it and ultimate to understand that wasn’t who I was.  I also researched and utilised the deeper spiritual understanding of deep acceptance.

I felt that I was being held and supported on a deeper level and that ultimately everything was ok, there was strength within the depth and a broader perspective would often arise.  I became more aware of my own spiritual presence; I am and was, deeply grateful to experience the transformation that occurred in the returning of wellness and a deeper, more intrinsic spiritual understanding.

I desired a deeper experience within the stillness and presence I was experiencing and knew that, ultimately, I was a truth seeker.  I knew within there was a desire to go deeper into spiritual awakening experience. I started to let go of all the spiritual mental concepts that I’d learnt, allowed Un-conditional love into the parts of ‘me’ that were fragmented and started to surrender.  I realised there was a deeper clarity arising within me of purity, an almost zero-point space that I was intrinsically being drawn to.   It was like beginning at the beginning and stepping into a space of ultimate truth within the Unknown…and it’s a beautiful continuance…

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