A Bit About Samantha

I have always been highly sensitive to energy, had a depth of awareness and a deep inner knowing, however growing up I didn’t understand what I was experiencing nor how to deal with it.  I just felt as though I didn’t quite fit. This ultimately lead to many years of inquiry, search and a deep need to understand who I am.

Part of that inquiry was to train in many different energy practices (Reiki, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Sound Healing, Japanese Hand Massage) and research the healing aspect of life, together with holistic/spiritual practices such as nutrition, psychic/mediumship, meditation and nature.  I currently have over 14 years experience as a holistic energy practitioner and have had the delight of working with many beautiful souls. I’ve seen many changes, experiences and witnessed some beautiful unfolding. Within this understanding I’ve also run workshops, meditation groups, awareness/development groups and gong baths – attendees often commented on the amount of energy and passion that would be witnessed within the space – a beautiful coming together of unity.

My spiritual truth seeking/experience started around 20 years ago, and during a time of life changing chronic illness (that was diagnosed as having no cure), I furthered my desire to know who I was.  I took the time to listen to further spiritual teachings of many different philosophies and disciplines.  I read more about Presence, Grounding/Embodiment, Deeper Energy Work, Quantum Theory, Self-soothing, Self-care and Self-compassion (to name but a few). Within this time I developed the awareness and ability to gently listen to, and feel, my own stillness and presence, and to also gently listen to what else was going on inside – the emotional and physical pain that was in my experience and to allow the understanding of spaciousness, to be compassionate and ultimately to understand that wasn’t who I was.  I also researched and utilised the deeper spiritual understanding of deep acceptance. It came to pass that the chronic illness I was experiencing was subsiding, the more I became present, stepped outside of time, became embodied and went into a deeper state of acceptance, the more ‘wellness’ returned.  It also deepened  my awareness of life on many levels and brought out an inner wisdom of myself, others and our existence.

During this time, I also sat within mediation for many hours in further development of my own spiritual nature, the depth of alchemic/healing/transformational unconditional love I could receive and the unfoldment, and awareness, of further deeper dimensions – it was a truly beautiful and at times painful experience as I become aware of the resistance of many ‘identies’ and the desire to keep hold of control, together with the pain of honouring deep loneliness.

However, I also felt that I was being held and supported on a deeper level and that ultimately everything was ok, there was strength within the depth and a broader perspective/deeper intelligence would often arise.  I became more aware of my own spiritual presence and still to this day, remain deeply grateful to the experience of transformation that occurred.  The returning to wellness, a deeper, more intrinsic spiritual understanding and the understanding of the importance of quiet arose deeply for me.  It also strengthened an intuitive understanding within that it was time to move away from the world of ‘therapy’ and into a deeper offering/support for others to develop their spiritual understanding. This was evidenced in my own experience of healing/expansion/depth/awareness experience that was enabled by spiritual practices – it showed the true depth of our self-empowerment through the depth of our own being.

I’ve continued and honoured my desire for a deeper experience within the dimensions of stillness and presence I was experiencing and knew that, ultimately, in learning more about who I was, I knew I was a truth seeker.  I knew within there was a desire to go deeper and continued to let go of all the spiritual mental concepts that I’d learnt. I realised there was a deeper clarity arising within; a sense of purity, an almost zero-point space that I was intrinsically being drawn to. It was like beginning at the beginning and stepping into a space of ultimate truth within the Unknown…

I’m still deeply committed to my own spiritual practice/development and living within it as a way of life.  I still read many a book and research where I’m drawn, however, my passion lies within stillness and spaciousness, the quiet mind – the understanding of pure consciousness.  I honour the inner knowing, the feeling of depth and pure potentiality, and remain deeply grateful, and humble for its beautiful continuance and unfoldment.  I feel deeply grateful for the sense of inner peace and spaciousness and am deeply passionate to reside within awareness of pure consciousness.

To book an appointment to work with me, or my free consultation, please either contact me on 07870 557641 or email:ofsacredstillness@gmail.com