An Unfolding Spiritual Practice

I started my conscious spiritual search within the understanding of the spirit world and the continuance of life, together with spiritual healing.  It was a time of exploration in many different area’s and within that time I experienced trance communication; mediumship/psychic development; inspirational writing; inspirational speaking and mediumship demonstrations (to sometimes very large crowds!); healing energies; and taking awareness circles.

During my continued awakening experience I continued my development within other areas which included taking the time to listen to spiritual teachings and reading/researching many different philosophies and disciplines; including the Science and some Quantum Theory; Buddhism; Shamanism; Earth Energies and The Elements; Jesus; Now; Presence; Spaciousness; Deep Acceptance; True Authentic Spiritual Awakening; Oneness; The Body (including the brain, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, chemicals and energy body etc), Stillness; The Quiet; Inner Knowing; Meditation; and the importance of Embodiment.

I also developed the awareness and ability to gently listen to my own stillness and the presence within. I learnt to trust the development of my spiritual unfoldment and to honour the depth of inner knowing. As I moved deeper into the space of stillness and presence I fully honoured the truth seeker within and acknowledged the intrinsic pull to reside deeper within Being.

Dedicating my time to spending many hours in meditation I further developed the deeper connection to the arising of alchemic/transformative/healing unconditional love.  This beautiful space still leaves me deeply humbled and deeply aware of the pure potentiality of life.  I became aware of the beautiful unfoldment of pureness, an almost sacredness, to my sense of depth, and a deep sense of still-point, moment to moment creation would arise in my awareness.

Today I’m still deeply aware of the stillness that embraces my day, I feel a sense of awareness to many things in a way that’s encompassing, and where my mind is quiet, my  heart is continuing to unfold, and deeper truths continue to arise.  I can go deeper into the unminfestated and reside in a space where things are full, deep and ultimately indescribable. It’s a delight and a truth that is always in contiuence. I’m still deeply committed to my own spiritual practice; my passion resides deeply within awareness of pure consciousness.