An Unfolding Spiritual Practice

Samantha started her conscious spiritual search within the understanding of the spirit world and the continuance of life, together with spiritual healing.  It was a time of exploring many different area’s of her spirit life journey and she was honoured to have some wonderful experiences of working with many different beings, within many different avenues. She feels deeply humbled for all that she experienced and the avenues that she was drawn to, within her development.

Samantha has had experience of the beautiful energy of trance communication; bringing loved ones closer to their friends and family who had passed (including members of her own family); exploring (and still loving) channelled and inspirational writing; inspirational speaking and mediumship demonstrations (to sometimes very large crowds!); the beautiful power and sacredress of healing energies; taking awareness circles; together with the continued love and devourment of many books and teachings.

During her continued awakening experience, Samantha still felt there was more to experience and explore, and so in the understanding and the realisation of the importance of her spirit unfoldment, she continued her development within other areas.  This included taking the time to listen to spiritual teachings and reading/researching many different philosophies and disciplines; including the science and some quantum theory; Buddhism; Shamanism; Earth Energies and The Elements; understanding her intrinsic knowing of existence within everything happening now; presence; spaciousness; deep acceptance; true authentic spiritual awakening; and the importance of embodiment.

During this time Samantha also developed the awareness and ability to gently listen to her own stillness and the presence within. She learnt to trust the development of her spiritual unfoldment and the understanding of her own spiritual presence; to remember her ultimate spiritual divinity.

Samantha moved deeper into a space where she knew that she desired a continued deeper experience within the stillness and presence she was experiencing.  To fully honour the truth seeker within and the intrinsic pull to reside deeper within Being.  She honoured the depth of realisation that her spiritual nature and practice is of great importance; there’s a beautiful sacredness to it and she continues to feel deeply humbled and blessed within the depth of this innocence of feeling.

Samantha has dedicated her time to spending many hours in mediation where she developed the deeper connection to alchemic/transformative/healing unconditional love.  This beautiful space leaves her deeply humbled and deeply aware of the pure potentiality of life.  There is a beautiful unfoldment of pureness to her sense of depth, and a deep sense of still point, moment to moment creation.

Today Samantha is deeply aware of the stillness that embraces her day, she feels a sense of awareness to many things in a way that’s encompassing, and where her mind is quiet and heart is unfolding.  She can go deeper into the unminfestated and reside in a space where things are full, deep and ultimately indescribable. She’s able to sense her pain body arising and to be compassionate within that space; and where she ultimately understands and embraces the uniqueness of being within her own experience and allowing of transformational love.  It’s a delight and a truth that is always in contiuence…

Samantha is am also very passionate about our beautiful planet and feel that if we can all embrace the heart centred spiritual connection we have, ground it into reality and make the space to be who we are…then our beautiful planet and our spiritual consciousness will continue to expand with joy.