Bubbling inside…

There’s a gentleness that bubbles inside

Deep inside that it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist

But both you and I know it exists

For it’s a truth that is deep, that is pure, that is true


It bubbles, it pulses, it flows

Some would ask…what is it?

What is it inside that bubbles?

What is it inside that flows?

What is it inside that pulses?


Well, only you and I know…


Do you want to look?

Do you want to see?

Are you inquisitive enough to allow yourself?

Or are you shy…?


Go on, take a peek…but take a peek with no expectation


Take a peek with no decision made or feeling felt


Take a peek…..and what?


That is the joy, that is the beauty, that is the nothingess of it all…..

Waking up…

How often in life can we feel a certain sense of disconnection, like we are wondering around in a fog and not quite sure how to get out of it.  It’s like your mind and body aren’t connected, you wander into a room and forget why or what you came in for.  Someone asks you a question and you struggle to grasp the question, let alone find the answer!  Many people feel this and yet try to struggle through life hoping that tomorrow will be better, “I’ll get through this moment and then it’ll be alright”.

But how about those moments that you loose when you are in that state?  How many wonderful opportunities can pass you by because you feel cut off, do you see life ‘in colour’ when you are almost walking around asleep?  Notice how these moments can very often lead to a deeper state of anxiety and disillusionment.

It’s time to wake up and stay awake…..many people are waking up and linking into their true self – on a conscious level.  Many are experiencing different states of wonder and simple joy in life, it’s fantastic to experience and fantastic to see.  How many times have you walked pass someone who just glowed, or had a conversation with someone who felt so ‘alive’.  That can be you!..

Start believing that you can feel that wonderful sense of peace and understanding whatever you experience in life.  Start understanding that you have an abundance of inner wisdom and abilities to find that peace and live it everyday.   Start believing in yourself, find help from others to help you and support you through your process, but ultimately it starts with you, even just that little spark of …’yes, this may just be possible’ is opening the door to believing that there is something more, that  you are unique and you are worth every moment of feeling ‘you’.  Embrace it…

New Energies

Those of you who are senstive to energy will be feeling the energy shifs that are occuring at the moment, I know I certainly am together with some of my sensitive friends…

After reading the message below from Simon (Heather, Healer and Teacher  and founder of the College of Sound Healing)…  it reminded me of a message that I had received during a meditation that talked about Utopia and the words of Heaven on Earth.  A lot of my guides had gathered and had urged me to sit that night and I sat in a trance like state for almost an hour.  It was an amazing feeling of peace and as a result I felt like my two worlds had become as one…one door shut and another opened and that was when I was given the words Utopia.  I felt very blessed and much has shifted for me since then.  I hope you enjoy this message…

New Energies

This year twelve waves of high vibrational energy will be coming into our planet from the Great Central Sun. These energies will raise the vibration of the Earth. These energies will affect the mineral kingdom, all plants, animals and humans. The new energies began coming in on the 21st Dec 2012.

The next big wave of energy will come in around the time of the Spring Equinox!

All humans will need to be working with these new energies by 2015. If they can’t adjust to these new energies their physical bodies will gradually lose energy.

To use an example it is like the shift from leaded petrol to lead free petrol. We all need to adjust our engines to start taking the new cleaner fuel.

Most young people under 10 are already in tune with the new energies. The rest of us will need to re-tune our bodies to function on this higher frequency of energy.

Healers and therapists can play a major role in this process. Once a healer/therapist has shifted around 60% of their physical energy to the new vibration they will be then able to help other people make the shift.

If people can’t make the shift in the next twenty years their bodies will become very depleted as the old energy frequencies are gradually reduced.

It is a little bit like the shift to digital TV. The new signal is being increased and the old one reduced. Eventually the old signal will be switched off.

All life forms on our plant depend on energy from the sun. The sun gives the plants energy that we take in as food. We also take in energy directly from the sun in the form of prana or chi energy. Our physical sun acts as a step down transformer for energy from the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Heart.

In the book of Revelations Chapter 21 the apostle John says “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.” “I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

Heaven is coming down to Earth. All matter will be spiritualised and humanity will start to live in harmony with the earth again.

Those people who can’t make the shift to the new energies in the next twenty years will eventually go out of incarnation. They will be re-born on a planet that is in harmony with their vibration. This will prevent destructive souls from returning to the New Earth.

The Mayan’s predicted that a new age lasting around 5,000 years would begin in 2012 and this has come about. The Mayans did not predict the end of the world!

In the last 5,000 year cycle humanity developed the rational mind to a great extent. In the next cycle the mental and emotion bodies will be merged so humans will realise the effect of their actions on others and on the planet as a whole.

In future if a person chops down a tree they will feel the tree’s suffering, if they kill an animal they will feel the animal’s pain!

This gradual merging of the mental and emotion bodies will eventually lead us to having three bodies – spiritual, devotional and physical. The mind and emotions will function in a more spiritually aware way.

The ego will gradually fall away and the soul will take over.

The new energies will lead to an opening up of mankind’s higher faculties. People will become more telepathic. In the future we will be able to see the nature spirits and eventually be able to communicate with plants and animals.

In the future humans will work in groups for the higher good rather than pursuing narrow sectional interests. Business will become more ethical and less driven by greed.

By 2032 most of the people living on the earth will be in alignment with the new energies and the New Earth will have been birthed.

At this point many of the highly developed souls who are here at present will leave the planet, as their work will have been completed.

In the future young people will come to the fore in guiding the planet. They are not tainted by the old fear based consciousness that was prevalent on the earth in the previous epoch.

The process of transformation will accelerate as the years pass; each new wave of energy will push people to make major changes in their lives.

At first these changes will be painful for people and there will be great resistance to change. The beings from the higher levels of consciousness that are orchestrating this process will give assistance to all.

New Energies – Helping People Make the Shift

Many people are struggling with the new energies that came in at the Winter Solstice in 2012.

In the healing sessions I have been doing recently I have been helping people adjust to these new energies. This can generally be done in one session although some people require two sessions. The treatment involves aligning the four energy bodies and the body elemental to the new energies.

The new energy healing can only be done by a person who has already shifted a majority of their energy to the new frequencies. The healing also needs to be done in a face to face session. Not everyone will be ready to make the energy shift. Generally people will be guided to come to you once you have made the shift.

The new energy healing has to be done in an individual session as the healing is unique for each person because each of us has four unique energy bodies.

It may be possible to do the new energy healing in group but everyone in the group would need to be ready to make the shift otherwise the people who are not ready will block the healing process.

Once you have made the shift yourself then you can help others make the shift. Once you are tuned to the new energies life will get much easier.

All the elementals are also changing their vibration to be in harmony with the New Earth. All your crystals and crystal jewellery needs to be re-programmed to work with the new energies.

If this message resonates with you please pass it on to others.

Love and Blessings,



Bobbing along the water…..

Have you spent a lot of life feeling that you have been bobbing along the water like a cork, just gently sitting there and allowing life to take you in different directions? Something or someone comes along and nudges you that way, something else comes along and nudges you the other way?  Do you feel like you’ve had a choice in any of these nudges?

Are you even aware that that’s how you’ve been living your life?

One of the main things of living a life of joy and enlightenment is by being self and being aware of what feels right for you.  Not what feels right for someone else or their circumstance, but what feels right for you.  Does bobbing along on the water feel right for you?

Ask yourself this…..what do I want from my life?  Or even….Do I feel in control of my life?  Many have the belief that they are not in control and life has already been mapped out.  However, the only map we have in life is to know that ‘x marks the spot’ for when we leave this planet and return to source, the journey you take to that end result is down to you.  Why take the rough terrain and not the smooth wonderful path?  Life will throw things in the way that we will have to deal with, however, when you are on a smooth path those rocks are simple to walk with.

So start manifesting your smooth path and really get clear in what you want to achieve, sense, feel, experience…come alive and really work with your true gifts in manifesting what you want.  Remember…how can your Universe provide you with want you want, if you’re not clear about what you want?

Challenge your understandings of life and that belief that it’s difficult and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Who said so?  Who are those that have written that life should be hard and full of learning…..eh? I can’t find any teachings that say that?   Learning and experiences can be fun, they can be playful and they can help you to fully manifest the most wonderful life you could ever imagine!

So…..get clear….get clear on what you would like in your life.  Use your wonderful imagination, after all it is the closest thing we can use to connect with source, our source.  Use it like a child would use a magic wand… Build your own reality and build the playground you would like for yourself.  Be true with yourself and allow yourself to be childlike with your creation.  Have some fun, create the reality that exists with joy.  Work with the Universe, ask it clearly what you would like….how can the universe help you if you’re not clear on what you want?

It’s time to stop bobbing and really create the life you want, you deserve it..

If you would like some help to stop bobbing, gain access to the bank, rest for a while and create and then allow yourself to be in the flow knowing truly who you are, then please do call me. Tel:  07870 557641 or email sam@samanthacross.co.uk

Inspiration…to Facebook or not…

Years ago I met a guy who inspired me to write, I don’t who or what he was, but I remember meeting him on a level that didn’t fit my normal waking consciousness.  Who is this guy?

Does this matter, the main thing is that he inspired me….and so what followed was years of sometimes writing and sometime not…what makes us link into our inspiration and then sometimes flick the off switch.

I know when I am inspired I glow, I feel positive and my heart feels as though it’s too big for my chest, not comments on my chest please!

In my business I love to be inspired, I love to meet my clients and help them to be inspired in all they do, I love holding the meditation evenings and see the amazing inspiration my group has, I love it when they questions their own understandings and are open to receiving new insight.  I love it when they take it away and come back next week with a different view or understanding.  How alive does it fell to be this switched on!  And then there’s the beauty of sound that I love to work with, together with sharing it with others…how amazing does the gong feel when it ripples through your body.

The bit I don’t feel inspired about is the Social Media thing that has the nation crazed!  What is it about spending hours on Facebook, talking to a computer and sending your stuff out into the world?  Personally it inspires me not and I feel a certain sense of disconnection rather than connection by using this medium…it’s not for me…..yet I do post.  Quite frankly I find it a little confusing by the way I click one button and seem to enter a whole new world of apps…how did I get there?!?!?  And more importantly who do I get out of it when the cancel button doesn’t seem to listen to me!!

Life itself can be a road map full of twists and turns, however I rely on my own sense of judgement, my internal Sat Nav, fun and my legs to carry me there…I certainly don’t have these skills when on Social Media sites!  But maybe there are other skills that can guide you through these sites, however, for me, I choose my legs and fresh air anytime….happy playing though to those who do enjoy them….

Remember to fill your life with things that inspire you, see what fills your heart with joy and remember to embrace them fully.  This life is for you – you do have a choice…xx





Coincidence?….I think not….

Coincidence?….I think not…in our evening of Sound on Thursday night (19th July) I was going to get everyone involved in a Laughing up the Body exercise, and then this morning, this link to a wonderful article on the benefits of laughter dropped in my in-box!  Have a read of this great article http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/healthy-living/the-best-medicine-the-power-of-laughter-6288058.html and if you wish to join us for some sounds and laughter on Thursday then please do follow this link for more details… http://www.samanthacross.co.uk/evening-of-sound-with-becky-walsh-and-sam-cross/  xx

Richard Branson….An Inspiring Autobiography

Am totally hooked on the autobiography by Richard Branson ‘Losing My Virginity’.  It’s an amazing read so far (only quarter of the way through) but it clearly shows his passion for life and his business.  He never stops to over analyse what he is doing and just follows his gut instinct, and his love for life.  A truly inspirational read.  It’s a must if you have your own business that’s based on your true passion in life.  A man with a great philosophy….


The Art of Self Mastery – An element of….Influence

I was reading an interview last month with Fearne Cotton where amongst other things, she talked about every day wearing something that she loved, even if she was just going to see her mum for a cup of tea, she would wear a lovely dress.  This struck something within me and got me thinking about how I dress…ok stick with me here…it’s not an article about clothes!  More like a ‘make sure you do the things that you love’.

How many times a day do we embrace things that we love?  Do we even know what it is that helps us to embrace the passion within, so we can do something we love, genuinely!?!  The clothes struck a chord with me as I sometimes wear things that are just ok, but I don’t love them.  How could I forget my love of fabrics, of design and my own sense of creativity and individuality?

Reading this article had a wonderful influence on me and allowed me the space to look at my thoughts on how I embraced my individuality. Having the self awareness to understand how others can influence us is one of the steps to understanding our own thoughts, and how we have the power to change them if they don’t feel right.  If you feel at times that you are being influenced on a negative level, stop and remember that you have a choice.  How empowering would it feel to actually be in command of your own thoughts, your own feelings and how you live your life?  Being aware of yourself and your thought patterns is a great step to being master of your own life.

You are an amazing and unique individual, does it feel like the time to start embracing this?  Does it feel like it’s time to start looking at your thought patterns and how about making 2012 your year?…and not just 2012, but every year…


For years I have wanted to start writing a blog but never knew quite where to start.  Going back over things that had happened felt long and laborious and passion for some current events felt non-existent! 

 So I thought I would start writing a blog now that I have made the transition of giving up my flat and am staying with my family.  For me it felt a bit like the letting go of the last bit of material ‘ideas’ – you know the three that seem to dominate our lives – house, job and relationship.

 Maybe I need to take each one at a time, let’s start with relationship. 

Well to be honest my last serious relationship was probably about 7 years ago – yep long time!  I’ve met some guys along the way, some lovely, some slightly disastrous, but nothing that I or they would want to take further.  Now there could be a numbers of things to analyse about this lack of relationship and believe me I’ve looked at them (from the desperate to the ‘I don’t need a man to make me happy’!)– so no need to bore you with them….let’s just say that I am now comfortable with where I am.  Now I would like a partner to share and experience things with, to look out into the world with, to grow with, to laugh with, and to just be.  I of course have an idea of what I would like in a partner but believe me, it has nothing to with a fancy car or job!  It’s more of a feeling, a connection on some level…no, not a soul mate, as I believe in life there are lots of soul mates, but more along the line of a spiritual companion perhaps.


My life in work has taken me to a number of different jobs but most of them in the PA/Secretary work.  Leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do so just fell into office work.  I’ve worked for some great companies/charities and of course a few disasters along the way!  However, I also knew there was something else out there; in one of my latter jobs I remember sitting at my desk thinking this was all bonkers…I was sat in a large concrete box looking at a square box for 7 hours a day!  I was aware that this was during the time I was opening up spiritually and training in my therapy work so I guess, for me,  that was the end of be being ‘able’ to work in an office again!  I did move to another position after this but had to leave due to illness – my body was telling me something.  So I made the leap and gave it up, hoping that my client base would increase enough to cover my outgoings.  Big leap of faith – felt great when I was connected and very scary when I wasn’t!!!

 However, finally I was doing something that I enjoyed, that was for me.  Unfortunately my years of self development, feeling trapped and unhappy, training and supporting myself  took their toll on my body and emotions and the stress overtook.  I found that I didn’t have the energy to push myself anymore, my client base didn’t increase enough and my debt increased.  I was determined that I wasn’t going to work in an office again and destroy my soul so I took on some cleaning and that helped a little.  

Then I started to realise that I had a passion that was burning inside and that I had been burying for a while.  I wanted to get out and about more, know more about myself, meet new people, develop myself further and spend time with spirit more fully than what I was achieving,  I wanted if you like, to get rid of the physical understanding that you had to get up, go to work, come home eat and then bed, it didn’t fit with me and for once in my life I wanted my life to be about me.  So I decided to take the generous offer of my family and give up my flat and live with them for a bit so I could learn how to play….. 


My home had always been my sanctuary, wherever I have lived.  I have always managed to create an environment with lovely energy and that was cosy, safe and my space to shut out the world.  My last flat was amazing and had a view across the channel from the lounge and a view of the two bridges from my bedroom and the kitchen, plus a great landlord.  So you can imagine how hard it was for me to make this decision.  It took me 6 months of fighting reality to finally make my decision to leave. 

 So here I am, living with family in a wonderful room that I have created just as I would if it were a flat or a mansion.  A lot of my belongings are in a wonderful storage unit in the country and the rest is creatively squeezed within my space.  I am grateful for this space that has been created for me and for my family to have made space in their home and their lives so I can ‘take time out’.

And so begins the next phase of my journey, and I can feel my energy levels increasing already.  I have some amazing clients that I enjoy working with, still do some cleaning which keeps me fit and my spiritual work has already increased (more about that later).  Now I have head space for my wonderful friends and time for me to just mooch and breath, I love mooching……and of course breathing is good too!

Until next time, with love

Sam x