Coincidence?….I think not….

Coincidence?….I think not…in our evening of Sound on Thursday night (19th July) I was going to get everyone involved in a Laughing up the Body exercise, and then this morning, this link to a wonderful article on the benefits of laughter dropped in my in-box!  Have a read of this great article and if you wish to join us for some sounds and laughter on Thursday then please do follow this link for more details…  xx

Richard Branson….An Inspiring Autobiography

Am totally hooked on the autobiography by Richard Branson ‘Losing My Virginity’.  It’s an amazing read so far (only quarter of the way through) but it clearly shows his passion for life and his business.  He never stops to over analyse what he is doing and just follows his gut instinct, and his love for life.  A truly inspirational read.  It’s a must if you have your own business that’s based on your true passion in life.  A man with a great philosophy….

The Art of Self Mastery – An element of….Influence

I was reading an interview last month with Fearne Cotton where amongst other things, she talked about every day wearing something that she loved, even if she was just going to see her mum for a cup of tea, she would wear a lovely dress.  This struck something within me and got me thinking about how I dress…ok stick with me here…it’s not an article about clothes!  More like a ‘make sure you do the things that you love’.

How many times a day do we embrace things that we love?  Do we even know what it is that helps us to embrace the passion within, so we can do something we love, genuinely!?!  The clothes struck a chord with me as I sometimes wear things that are just ok, but I don’t love them.  How could I forget my love of fabrics, of design and my own sense of creativity and individuality?

Reading this article had a wonderful influence on me and allowed me the space to look at my thoughts on how I embraced my individuality. Having the self awareness to understand how others can influence us is one of the steps to understanding our own thoughts, and how we have the power to change them if they don’t feel right.  If you feel at times that you are being influenced on a negative level, stop and remember that you have a choice.  How empowering would it feel to actually be in command of your own thoughts, your own feelings and how you live your life?  Being aware of yourself and your thought patterns is a great step to being master of your own life.

You are an amazing and unique individual, does it feel like the time to start embracing this?  Does it feel like it’s time to start looking at your thought patterns and how about making 2012 your year?…and not just 2012, but every year…


For years I have wanted to start writing a blog but never knew quite where to start.  Going back over things that had happened felt long and laborious and passion for some current events felt non-existent! 

 So I thought I would start writing a blog now that I have made the transition of giving up my flat and am staying with my family.  For me it felt a bit like the letting go of the last bit of material ‘ideas’ – you know the three that seem to dominate our lives – house, job and relationship.

 Maybe I need to take each one at a time, let’s start with relationship. 

Well to be honest my last serious relationship was probably about 7 years ago – yep long time!  I’ve met some guys along the way, some lovely, some slightly disastrous, but nothing that I or they would want to take further.  Now there could be a numbers of things to analyse about this lack of relationship and believe me I’ve looked at them (from the desperate to the ‘I don’t need a man to make me happy’!)– so no need to bore you with them….let’s just say that I am now comfortable with where I am.  Now I would like a partner to share and experience things with, to look out into the world with, to grow with, to laugh with, and to just be.  I of course have an idea of what I would like in a partner but believe me, it has nothing to with a fancy car or job!  It’s more of a feeling, a connection on some level…no, not a soul mate, as I believe in life there are lots of soul mates, but more along the line of a spiritual companion perhaps.


My life in work has taken me to a number of different jobs but most of them in the PA/Secretary work.  Leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do so just fell into office work.  I’ve worked for some great companies/charities and of course a few disasters along the way!  However, I also knew there was something else out there; in one of my latter jobs I remember sitting at my desk thinking this was all bonkers…I was sat in a large concrete box looking at a square box for 7 hours a day!  I was aware that this was during the time I was opening up spiritually and training in my therapy work so I guess, for me,  that was the end of be being ‘able’ to work in an office again!  I did move to another position after this but had to leave due to illness – my body was telling me something.  So I made the leap and gave it up, hoping that my client base would increase enough to cover my outgoings.  Big leap of faith – felt great when I was connected and very scary when I wasn’t!!!

 However, finally I was doing something that I enjoyed, that was for me.  Unfortunately my years of self development, feeling trapped and unhappy, training and supporting myself  took their toll on my body and emotions and the stress overtook.  I found that I didn’t have the energy to push myself anymore, my client base didn’t increase enough and my debt increased.  I was determined that I wasn’t going to work in an office again and destroy my soul so I took on some cleaning and that helped a little.  

Then I started to realise that I had a passion that was burning inside and that I had been burying for a while.  I wanted to get out and about more, know more about myself, meet new people, develop myself further and spend time with spirit more fully than what I was achieving,  I wanted if you like, to get rid of the physical understanding that you had to get up, go to work, come home eat and then bed, it didn’t fit with me and for once in my life I wanted my life to be about me.  So I decided to take the generous offer of my family and give up my flat and live with them for a bit so I could learn how to play….. 


My home had always been my sanctuary, wherever I have lived.  I have always managed to create an environment with lovely energy and that was cosy, safe and my space to shut out the world.  My last flat was amazing and had a view across the channel from the lounge and a view of the two bridges from my bedroom and the kitchen, plus a great landlord.  So you can imagine how hard it was for me to make this decision.  It took me 6 months of fighting reality to finally make my decision to leave. 

 So here I am, living with family in a wonderful room that I have created just as I would if it were a flat or a mansion.  A lot of my belongings are in a wonderful storage unit in the country and the rest is creatively squeezed within my space.  I am grateful for this space that has been created for me and for my family to have made space in their home and their lives so I can ‘take time out’.

And so begins the next phase of my journey, and I can feel my energy levels increasing already.  I have some amazing clients that I enjoy working with, still do some cleaning which keeps me fit and my spiritual work has already increased (more about that later).  Now I have head space for my wonderful friends and time for me to just mooch and breath, I love mooching……and of course breathing is good too!

Until next time, with love

Sam x

To A Wonderful Soul

Hi Sam, We wish you well with your continued development and your deeper understanding of the energies of the world and our Universe. We hope you are very successful in continuing to raise awareness, as you should be with all the skills, being at one with Spirit. God Bless You, Derek and Hilary xxx

Yay, Hello Sam

I have registered myself as an Author, which means I can add posts to the site.

You are now the Administrator!!!

I am absolutely delighted to say this after only five hours of work, thank you for your direction and input.

Good Luck with the site, if I can help anymore please let me know


Hello & Welcome

Hello and Welcome to my new site and thanks for visiting! Since developing a deeper understanding of the way I work with my clients I felt I wanted to reflect that with a new site, also one that I could easily add my thoughts and findings on myself…instead of keeping hassling my wonderful brother and web designer each time!! He designed this lovely site as well as my beautiful previous one – to him I am very grateful!!

So I hope you enjoy what you ready on this site, but most importantly that it will help you to help yourself and understand that you are the most important person on your path. Those who join you, and walk with you, do so at a time they are most welcome to you, even those that bring you challenges. Understand the beautiful strength you have within and follow your wonderful intuition, in whatever teachings, understandings and theory you gain throughout your journey.

I wish you peace, happiness and understanding of the beautiful you.


ps – If you would like to chat about how I may be able to help you, then please do call me on 07870 557641 or email

Testimonial from Hilary Lewis

Dear Sam, I can not find the words to thank you for all the help you have given me in coming to terms with the guilt I was carrying regarding the sudden death of my mother, after leaving her in respite care, and her fall resulting in her untimely death. My mother was a very lively intelligent 96 year old, I could not get over the fact that if I had not left her, she would quite possibly be alive today. I could not believe that grief and guilt could affect a person so deeply, I would start crying at the mention of her name, could not eat properly and was just not functioning properly. After your caring and wonderful approach at first putting me at ease, the fact that you could help me, and clear all my grief and guilt, was beyond belief. I would recommend Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT) to everybody and I do!
God Bless you Sam. and a very big thanks again.
Hilary Lewis, Torquay, Devon.

Testimonial from Ben Oakley

Sam has worked with me using mainly sound healing (although she incorporates many of her other skills in the processes she uses) and I am so impressed with the changes I have made.
As a practitioner Sam is intuitive, using her really caring and gentle energy to facilitate changes. Her explanation of how sound healing works was brilliant and clear, and the sessions themselves allowed me to relax and experience change at a profound and deep level. Beyond the session, the changes in me have been really noticeable – an inner calmness in my day-to-day activities and in my meditation practise, I am accessing a deeper awareness and sense of peace.
I highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to have a deeper experience of the positive things in life.
Ben Oakley BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.