The Light of Consciousness

The energy that is the light of God, the light of consciousness. I can feel it, I can sense it, it’s truth, it’s love, it’s ultimate divinity. It’s who I am, I am the light, I am truth, and I exist as the divine understanding of life. I exist to bring you the joy in knowing your own divinity and the divinity of others. I exist because I am.

Within the depth of all existence there is a divine understanding of transcendent mystery. There is a spark of the divine in all, if you were to only see it, to know it, to become it…in truth. In truth of the experience of it, far beyond the intellectual knowing of it. The truth is who you are, the truth is who I am. Know that at times of change, of rocky roads and troubled waters, a spark of the divine, of ultimate divinity still exists. That transcendent mystery of who you are….know the divinity within you. The ultimate being….

The Kingdom of Heaven

There is much adversity if the world at the moment…have you noticed ? 😊. This is a time of great change, and shift within the consciousness of humanity, to answer the call to move into a deeper place within themselves. It’s a great time to move into a deeper place of understanding within the nature of your own essence, within the nature of ultimate being.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within, are the teachings of Jesus.

On a broader collective asking we are being asked to look within, for the activities that fulfilled the outer nature of reality are currently on hold. What greater time can there be for a greater awakening of spiritual consciousness?

In order for our beautiful planet and the essence of humanity to thrive in it’s truest state we need to move more out of the egoic structure of fear, control and ultimate survival into a place of expansion, depth and truth of being. In a bid to do our bit for humanity and our planet, maybe it’s time to answer the deeper calling and ‘go within’?

Are you ready to answer the call?

A time of great change….

Another day of change and a new set of parameters brought into our lives. Life is not the norm and it’s OK to feel a little discombobulated, in fact it’s ok to feel very discombobulated. Give yourself the grace to acknowledge your feelings, your uncertainty and your fears. Flowing emotions within change are natural and normal.

I hear your fear, I hear your emotions and acknowledge all that you may be experiencing. A great time of ebb and flow as we move from confusion to hope, panic to pause and uncertainty to understanding.

As a nation people are pulling together with kindness in their hearts with their prayers and in their productivity by their actions. Be proud of who we are when we stand together. I salute the key workers that are working tirelessly to help bring us through; I am grateful to you all 🙏

If you’re self isolating and are physically alone in your household, know deeply that you’re not alone, we’re with you. 🙏

As a worker for spirit and someone who’s dedicated to service to others, I feel extremely humbled to know that our prayers are being answered. That the energy that surrounds us always is holding us all in grace and presence and constantly lets me know that ‘all will be well’. For me as a transmitter of the light I am deeply honoured to be in resonance with this feeling, for I know I am divinely guided to bring you this message. This message of service and hope.

And so, it is with gratitude that I sit tonight with love in my heart, in transmission of the light to all, in the knowing that as I transmit, the light within you will respond. You may not feel it, you may not understand it, however the light of your being will know, and ultimately carry you through this most troubling of times. I trust in the divinity of all and the transmission of all the light beings of earth who are joining us at this time of great change.

I’m very grateful to my beautiful neighbour who unofficially looks after our communal garden. I’ll often see him gently, and with intent, walking the ground and observing nature, he’s gently inquisitive in what he’s finding.

One of the things he loves doing is random planting in all seasons; seeds, bulbs etc. He then let’s go of what he’s planted and where, and then delights as things just pop up, throughout the year.

There’s such a beautiful simplicity of momentary delight, both in the planting and the letting go. Then, the momentary delight as nature emerges, randomly and perfectly.

Let us be still and pause; remembering that within all days and nights; little moments of delight arise. Happiness occurs in the moment of random unexpectedness; together with the fortuitous understanding of every seed planted in the moment of love, expresses itself as love…let nature and the sacredness of the moment be your guiding force…

Winter Wonderland

Nature is always alive; it knows nothing of lack for all around something is in bloom.

The uniqueness and individuality of earth expresses itself in many different ways. Each season holds its beauty and our beautiful earth has a divine creation in the knowing that there is always, always, beauty to be found.

Our Earth Mother….channelled

Let us not sit in condemnation at the actions of humanity and all they bring about to the said destruction of our beautiful Earth for all is in perfect order.  The bringing about of the tides in your oceans are in alignment of all that is necessary in order to restore the balance of alignment; for it is in the order of alignment that much healing of the said atrocities occur.  Man in its glory is believed in its actions of right and wrong and yet there can be no movement of alignment when one is centred so heavily on its destruction.  And so we ask that you aid our cause in bringing about this alignment with the destruction and cessation of your thoughts towards such atrocities.  We ask only for your love.  For as you think of your oceans of our beloved Mother we will honour such requests and the alignment of the trust of the beauty of your beloved planet will shine and all will be as it is, in the true nature of love.  And so rid yourselves of ill thoughts and behaviour in the highlighting of your atrocities and centre yourself upon the beauty and the love that ultimately is all of what holds true – acceptance and movement in alignment.

Channelled by Samantha Cross – October 2108

Beautiful September…

September brings with it a beautiful fresh energy. Many are invigorated following time off during the summer season and are feeling ready and able to ‘rejoin the world’, so to speak. It’s a wonderful time to perhaps take stock of who you are and how you feel about life. You know that life continues on around you but do you feel that you’re drawn to just start digging that little bit deeper? Or maybe you feel like you’ve been searching for years and not getting anywhere??

There’s often a fine line between enquiry and searching. Searching can feel endless, heavy and almost as if there is no end. And yet enquiry can be gentle, authentic and beautiful. Also, to enquire is to be inquisitive, obvious, yes? Maybe. Anyway, perhaps it’s time to spend a moment in the day when you’re asking yourself just a gentle question, like…who am I really?

Ok, so that may not feel quite so gentle, or for years, Philosophers would’ve wasted their time. 😊 However, do we really know who we are? Are you satisfied with the complicated answer the mind tries to give you in order to satisfy it’s need? Maybe, just maybe, you could ask yourself this question and then be still. Go inside and feel what it’s like to be alive? Can you feel the aliveness of your being and the richness of the infinite? Give it a go, be gentle, be still and slightly, just slightly, enquire and listen…xx

The Journey of Divinity

And so to this journey of divinity, trust is the key to the next element of the journey of implementation. For years many have failed to find their place, have struggled to fit in a world they have failed to understand and relate to.

Now, be true and safe in the knowledge that your world as you see it, touch it, feel it, does exist. Truly live within this existence but as a being of oneness. Create your own roads, create your own divine work place and your vision of truth within this understanding of the Earth plane and all she holds true.

Be that true being which has showed themselves many times before and by the same understanding disappeared, locked away in a cupboard for the world not to bestow, not to see and neither to feel. Yet you existed, you were there and now you are here. You exist and you are ready to bestow and understand, and truly vibrate. Breath, take your time and allow the essence of your truth to unfold into the understanding which will help you move forward with your divinity.

Your divinity is that which will naturally help others for the understandings you bestow and hold will naturally be transferred to others whose energy, understandings and divinity is ready to receive. Hold true to your truth and those that need you will be sought and will arrive upon your door at a time that is to the understanding of their divinity and pathway.

Breath and flow, all is in hand. Congratulations, well done and welcome home.

A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord Creator

I sit this evening with peace in my heart knowing that the world that is around us is one that you created. One that you created with such love that I am truly honoured to be part of it. Although at times I find this human existence a deep and troubled world to be part of, I give thanks every day for a truly wonderful experience. As I sit with such simple pleasures of the silence around me, the cushion underneath me and the candles that flicker on my hearth. It is with this peace that I am able to connect so fully with you dear lord, and I thank you for helping me to create such.

I ask that those on this earth that need an extra loving care, an extra warmth of soul and mind be honoured with this feeling in an abundance that allows them to shine. As I know dear lord that all around us man can shine, were he only to remember it, so many have forgotten to shine their lights brightly. I too at times loose my way and forget to allow my shine to be bright, however I know and trust in your loving guidance that I shall never cease to shine.

I ask dear lord that you help humanity at this hour of need, that you send those helpers designated to bring light to the earth to our midst, and that there are those around that will congregate and work with these helpers to do your work. Peace is never far from the minds of those who will it, and yet they do not know they have this outcome within the inner parts of theirs souls. They will rise and allow peace to reign over the earth, and in time dear lord our earth will rise, and Mother Earth will shine like a diamond in the sky.

And so dear Lord it is once again that I give thanks for all the love in the world, for the beauty that surrounds us, for the birds that sing their songs in the early morning and the animals that walk this plane in true wonder. I ask dear Lord for our children to be continually blessed with your ever loving care and for those who need some warmth this evening are able to open their ears and hear their angles lovingly whisper to them. I ask dear lord for human angels to appear at their doors bringing love and support in the form of that which will lift their hearts.

May we all reign with peace in our hearts, joy in our surroundings and harmony in our souls. May the world be free to ignite and unite in its glory and our paths be paved with love and support always. With love in my heart, I give thanks and end this prayer with the word…Amen

Remaining True

As natural and beautiful energy beings our true state is one of peace, stillness and joy.

So….how do we get back there?

By remaining true to ourselves and our unique energy pattern. As individuals we are all different, we all emanate from the same source but our ‘make-up’ (our energy pattern) is different.

What is it about you that makes you wonderfully unique?

By connecting to our true source that sits within us do we truly understand and believe in our uniqueness. The more we connect with that source, the more we are able to show the world, and most importantly ourselves, how beautiful we are.

Be true to yourself and embrace your individuality, live your life with joy and bliss and shine your light brightly to the world.

Do you feel like you shine as brightly as is true to you? I hope you know how wonderful you truly are….