Building/House Energy Cleansing

Energy/Spiritual Cleansing

Does your home feel less homely than it used to?

Are you trying to sell or rent your property and it doesn’t seem to be moving easily?

Do you feel a presence in your house?

Or would you like some advice on how to keep the energy fresh in your house?

Does your work environment feel oppressive and are you struggling to concentrate?

Have you moved to a new property and things have started to change for you in a destructive/negative way?

Having a home or work environment that has stuck energy will have an effect on your energy levels and your productivity.  It can also affect your mood and your levels of stress and tension.

When trying to sell our homes, we may be ready to move on, however there may be something within the ‘spirit’ of your home that doesn’t want you to leave; including the possibility of spirit energy of those who have passed that enjoy you being there. There could also be emotional energy within certain rooms that is stopping perspective buyers/renters from being drawn to your property.

As we live within a Universe of magnetic vibrational energy it’s important for your environment to be full of clean positive and free flowing energy.  You will find that as you cleanse your home or workplace you feel naturally lighter and more inspired.

Some older houses can at times feel as though there are energies within the building that physically have long since left the earth plane.  These energies are sometimes beings that are ‘hanging around’ for whatever reason, or sometimes just pop in to say hello and have liked the energy you have to offer.  Newer properties can also experience different energies as sometimes they are built on grounds where a great loss has take place.  These energies are very often just a little lost and need some help to pass on.

I will remotely link to your property and work intuitively within the healing energy to bring your property, surrounding areas (including the gardens and earth to which the property was built upon) back into alignment and harmony.  I have also been guided inspirationally to offer blessings to your beautiful dwelling and I am honoured to be of witness to this wonderful healing.

The cost for the session is £25.00 and is payable in advance.

If you would like further information, or to book , please contact me on 07870 557641 or email: