A Neutral Space to Reside

Energy Cleansing 

If you’re sensitive to energy, especially the subtle energies, it is wise to lovingly cleanse your environment (both personal and professional).

If the energy contains a collective energy where it’s perceived to be uncomfortable in any way, then it’s possible it would have an impact/overwhelm your central nervous system. Allowing yourself the grace to experience spaciousness within your environment is a gift.

Equally anything that you’re experiencing in life that is causing you an energy imbalance (stress, change, emotional issues, illness etc…), may also have an impact on your home and/or business premises.  Sometimes, some older properties have spiritual energy that may be a residue of previous occupants/land built upon etc..

Samantha would be delighted to work remotely with the energy within your property by intuitively undertaking an energy cleanse within the intention of Un-conditional love, deep acceptance and a sense of calmness.  This would also include the surrounding areas (including the gardens and earth to which the property was built upon).

This is done remotely for you at a cost of: £30.00, which is payable in advance.

In connection to undertaking an energy cleanse of your environment Samantha can also work intuitively with members of the household/business.  This would be a gentle transformational energy with the intention to re-harmonise where possible (in terms of their effect on the house, and of course vice versa).

This is done remotely for you at a cost of: £30.00, which is payable in advance

Samantha can also undertake a remote intuitive cleanse within the intention of Un-conditional love, deep acceptance and a sense of calmness of your home/premises if you are trying to sell it and are struggling.  Perhaps you’re too attached to it?  Or perhaps it has energy within it that is not attracting perspective buyers?

As we live within a Universe of magnetic vibrational energy it’s important for your environment to be full of clean positive and free flowing energy.  You may find that as you cleanse your home or workplace you feel naturally lighter and more inspired.

If you would like further information, or to book, please contact Samantha on 07870 557641 or email: ofsacredstillness@gmail.com