Building/House Energy Cleansing

Energy/Spiritual Cleansing

The energy in your home or business premises is something that is really important to be aware of.   Your home is your sanctuary and your resting place.  Your business premises are where you ultimately wish to thrive in the passion of your vocation.

If the energy is out of balance/alignment it can greatly affect you, your family and your business.

Equally anything that you’re experiencing that is causing you an energy imbalance (stress, change, emotional issues, illness etc…), may also have an impact on your home and/or business premises.  Sometimes, some older properties have spiritual energy that is in need of help to move on.

I can help you with this by undertaking an energy cleanse/investigation into your property and working to bring it back into alignment.

I will remotely link to your property and work intuitively within the healing energy to bring your property, surrounding areas (including the gardens and earth to which the property was built upon) back into alignment and harmony.

This is done remotely for you at a cost of: £30.00, which is payable in advance

During this energy rebalance I can also undertake a rebalance on the members of the house to help re-align their energy in terms of their effect on the house (and of course vice versa).

This is done remotely for you at a cost of: £30.00, which is payable in advance

I can also undertake remote rebalances on your home/premises if you are trying to sell it and are struggling.  Perhaps you’re too attached to it?  Or perhaps it has energy within it that is not attracting  perspective buyers?

As we live within a Universe of magnetic vibrational energy it’s important for your environment to be full of clean positive and free flowing energy.  You will find that as you cleanse your home or workplace you feel naturally lighter and more inspired.

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