I’m very grateful to my beautiful neighbour who unofficially looks after our communal garden. I’ll often see him gently, and with intent, walking the ground and observing nature, he’s gently inquisitive in what he’s finding.

One of the things he loves doing is random planting in all seasons; seeds, bulbs etc. He then let’s go of what he’s planted and where, and then delights as things just pop up, throughout the year.

There’s such a beautiful simplicity of momentary delight, both in the planting and the letting go. Then, the momentary delight as nature emerges, randomly and perfectly.

Let us be still and pause; remembering that within all days and nights; little moments of delight arise. Happiness occurs in the moment of random unexpectedness; together with the fortuitous understanding of every seed planted in the moment of love, expresses itself as love…let nature and the sacredness of the moment be your guiding force…