A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord Creator

I sit this evening with peace in my heart knowing that the world that is around us is one that you created. One that you created with such love that I am truly honoured to be part of it. Although at times I find this human existence a deep and troubled world to be part of, I give thanks every day for a truly wonderful experience. As I sit with such simple pleasures of the silence around me, the cushion underneath me and the candles that flicker on my hearth. It is with this peace that I am able to connect so fully with you dear lord, and I thank you for helping me to create such.

I ask that those on this earth that need an extra loving care, an extra warmth of soul and mind be honoured with this feeling in an abundance that allows them to shine. As I know dear lord that all around us man can shine, were he only to remember it, so many have forgotten to shine their lights brightly. I too at times loose my way and forget to allow my shine to be bright, however I know and trust in your loving guidance that I shall never cease to shine.

I ask dear lord that you help humanity at this hour of need, that you send those helpers designated to bring light to the earth to our midst, and that there are those around that will congregate and work with these helpers to do your work. Peace is never far from the minds of those who will it, and yet they do not know they have this outcome within the inner parts of theirs souls. They will rise and allow peace to reign over the earth, and in time dear lord our earth will rise, and Mother Earth will shine like a diamond in the sky.

And so dear Lord it is once again that I give thanks for all the love in the world, for the beauty that surrounds us, for the birds that sing their songs in the early morning and the animals that walk this plane in true wonder. I ask dear Lord for our children to be continually blessed with your ever loving care and for those who need some warmth this evening are able to open their ears and hear their angles lovingly whisper to them. I ask dear lord for human angels to appear at their doors bringing love and support in the form of that which will lift their hearts.

May we all reign with peace in our hearts, joy in our surroundings and harmony in our souls. May the world be free to ignite and unite in its glory and our paths be paved with love and support always. With love in my heart, I give thanks and end this prayer with the word…Amen