A time of great change….

Another day of change and a new set of parameters brought into our lives. Life is not the norm and it’s OK to feel a little discombobulated, in fact it’s ok to feel very discombobulated. Give yourself the grace to acknowledge your feelings, your uncertainty and your fears. Flowing emotions within change are natural and normal.

I hear your fear, I hear your emotions and acknowledge all that you may be experiencing. A great time of ebb and flow as we move from confusion to hope, panic to pause and uncertainty to understanding.

As a nation people are pulling together with kindness in their hearts with their prayers and in their productivity by their actions. Be proud of who we are when we stand together. I salute the key workers that are working tirelessly to help bring us through; I am grateful to you all 🙏

If you’re self isolating and are physically alone in your household, know deeply that you’re not alone, we’re with you. 🙏

As a worker for spirit and someone who’s dedicated to service to others, I feel extremely humbled to know that our prayers are being answered. That the energy that surrounds us always is holding us all in grace and presence and constantly lets me know that ‘all will be well’. For me as a transmitter of the light I am deeply honoured to be in resonance with this feeling, for I know I am divinely guided to bring you this message. This message of service and hope.

And so, it is with gratitude that I sit tonight with love in my heart, in transmission of the light to all, in the knowing that as I transmit, the light within you will respond. You may not feel it, you may not understand it, however the light of your being will know, and ultimately carry you through this most troubling of times. I trust in the divinity of all and the transmission of all the light beings of earth who are joining us at this time of great change.