Beautiful September…

September brings with it a beautiful fresh energy. Many are invigorated following time off during the summer season and are feeling ready and able to ‘rejoin the world’, so to speak. It’s a wonderful time to perhaps take stock of who you are and how you feel about life. You know that life continues on around you but do you feel that you’re drawn to just start digging that little bit deeper? Or maybe you feel like you’ve been searching for years and not getting anywhere??

There’s often a fine line between enquiry and searching. Searching can feel endless, heavy and almost as if there is no end. And yet enquiry can be gentle, authentic and beautiful. Also, to enquire is to be inquisitive, obvious, yes? Maybe. Anyway, perhaps it’s time to spend a moment in the day when you’re asking yourself just a gentle question, like…who am I really?

Ok, so that may not feel quite so gentle, or for years, Philosophers would’ve wasted their time. 😊 However, do we really know who we are? Are you satisfied with the complicated answer the mind tries to give you in order to satisfy it’s need? Maybe, just maybe, you could ask yourself this question and then be still. Go inside and feel what it’s like to be alive? Can you feel the aliveness of your being and the richness of the infinite? Give it a go, be gentle, be still and slightly, just slightly, enquire and listen…xx