Bobbing along the water…..

Have you spent a lot of life feeling that you have been bobbing along the water like a cork, just gently sitting there and allowing life to take you in different directions? Something or someone comes along and nudges you that way, something else comes along and nudges you the other way?  Do you feel like you’ve had a choice in any of these nudges?

Are you even aware that that’s how you’ve been living your life?

One of the main things of living a life of joy and enlightenment is by being self and being aware of what feels right for you.  Not what feels right for someone else or their circumstance, but what feels right for you.  Does bobbing along on the water feel right for you?

Ask yourself this…..what do I want from my life?  Or even….Do I feel in control of my life?  Many have the belief that they are not in control and life has already been mapped out.  However, the only map we have in life is to know that ‘x marks the spot’ for when we leave this planet and return to source, the journey you take to that end result is down to you.  Why take the rough terrain and not the smooth wonderful path?  Life will throw things in the way that we will have to deal with, however, when you are on a smooth path those rocks are simple to walk with.

So start manifesting your smooth path and really get clear in what you want to achieve, sense, feel, experience…come alive and really work with your true gifts in manifesting what you want.  Remember…how can your Universe provide you with want you want, if you’re not clear about what you want?

Challenge your understandings of life and that belief that it’s difficult and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Who said so?  Who are those that have written that life should be hard and full of learning… I can’t find any teachings that say that?   Learning and experiences can be fun, they can be playful and they can help you to fully manifest the most wonderful life you could ever imagine!

So…..get clear….get clear on what you would like in your life.  Use your wonderful imagination, after all it is the closest thing we can use to connect with source, our source.  Use it like a child would use a magic wand… Build your own reality and build the playground you would like for yourself.  Be true with yourself and allow yourself to be childlike with your creation.  Have some fun, create the reality that exists with joy.  Work with the Universe, ask it clearly what you would like….how can the universe help you if you’re not clear on what you want?

It’s time to stop bobbing and really create the life you want, you deserve it..

If you would like some help to stop bobbing, gain access to the bank, rest for a while and create and then allow yourself to be in the flow knowing truly who you are, then please do call me. Tel:  07870 557641 or email