Bubbling inside…

There’s a gentleness that bubbles inside

Deep inside that it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist

But both you and I know it exists

For it’s a truth that is deep, that is pure, that is true


It bubbles, it pulses, it flows

Some would ask…what is it?

What is it inside that bubbles?

What is it inside that flows?

What is it inside that pulses?


Well, only you and I know…


Do you want to look?

Do you want to see?

Are you inquisitive enough to allow yourself?

Or are you shy…?


Go on, take a peek…but take a peek with no expectation


Take a peek with no decision made or feeling felt


Take a peek…..and what?


That is the joy, that is the beauty, that is the nothingess of it all…..