Inspiration…to Facebook or not…

Years ago I met a guy who inspired me to write, I don’t who or what he was, but I remember meeting him on a level that didn’t fit my normal waking consciousness.  Who is this guy?

Does this matter, the main thing is that he inspired me….and so what followed was years of sometimes writing and sometime not…what makes us link into our inspiration and then sometimes flick the off switch.

I know when I am inspired I glow, I feel positive and my heart feels as though it’s too big for my chest, not comments on my chest please!

In my business I love to be inspired, I love to meet my clients and help them to be inspired in all they do, I love holding the meditation evenings and see the amazing inspiration my group has, I love it when they questions their own understandings and are open to receiving new insight.  I love it when they take it away and come back next week with a different view or understanding.  How alive does it fell to be this switched on!  And then there’s the beauty of sound that I love to work with, together with sharing it with others…how amazing does the gong feel when it ripples through your body.

The bit I don’t feel inspired about is the Social Media thing that has the nation crazed!  What is it about spending hours on Facebook, talking to a computer and sending your stuff out into the world?  Personally it inspires me not and I feel a certain sense of disconnection rather than connection by using this medium…it’s not for me…..yet I do post.  Quite frankly I find it a little confusing by the way I click one button and seem to enter a whole new world of apps…how did I get there?!?!?  And more importantly who do I get out of it when the cancel button doesn’t seem to listen to me!!

Life itself can be a road map full of twists and turns, however I rely on my own sense of judgement, my internal Sat Nav, fun and my legs to carry me there…I certainly don’t have these skills when on Social Media sites!  But maybe there are other skills that can guide you through these sites, however, for me, I choose my legs and fresh air anytime….happy playing though to those who do enjoy them….

Remember to fill your life with things that inspire you, see what fills your heart with joy and remember to embrace them fully.  This life is for you – you do have a choice…xx