Our Earth Mother….channelled

Let us not sit in condemnation at the actions of humanity and all they bring about to the said destruction of our beautiful Earth for all is in perfect order.  The bringing about of the tides in your oceans are in alignment of all that is necessary in order to restore the balance of alignment; for it is in the order of alignment that much healing of the said atrocities occur.  Man in its glory is believed in its actions of right and wrong and yet there can be no movement of alignment when one is centred so heavily on its destruction.  And so we ask that you aid our cause in bringing about this alignment with the destruction and cessation of your thoughts towards such atrocities.  We ask only for your love.  For as you think of your oceans of our beloved Mother we will honour such requests and the alignment of the trust of the beauty of your beloved planet will shine and all will be as it is, in the true nature of love.  And so rid yourselves of ill thoughts and behaviour in the highlighting of your atrocities and centre yourself upon the beauty and the love that ultimately is all of what holds true – acceptance and movement in alignment.

Channelled by Samantha Cross – October 2108