The Art of Self Mastery – An element of….Influence

I was reading an interview last month with Fearne Cotton where amongst other things, she talked about every day wearing something that she loved, even if she was just going to see her mum for a cup of tea, she would wear a lovely dress.  This struck something within me and got me thinking about how I dress…ok stick with me here…it’s not an article about clothes!  More like a ‘make sure you do the things that you love’.

How many times a day do we embrace things that we love?  Do we even know what it is that helps us to embrace the passion within, so we can do something we love, genuinely!?!  The clothes struck a chord with me as I sometimes wear things that are just ok, but I don’t love them.  How could I forget my love of fabrics, of design and my own sense of creativity and individuality?

Reading this article had a wonderful influence on me and allowed me the space to look at my thoughts on how I embraced my individuality. Having the self awareness to understand how others can influence us is one of the steps to understanding our own thoughts, and how we have the power to change them if they don’t feel right.  If you feel at times that you are being influenced on a negative level, stop and remember that you have a choice.  How empowering would it feel to actually be in command of your own thoughts, your own feelings and how you live your life?  Being aware of yourself and your thought patterns is a great step to being master of your own life.

You are an amazing and unique individual, does it feel like the time to start embracing this?  Does it feel like it’s time to start looking at your thought patterns and how about making 2012 your year?…and not just 2012, but every year…