The Journey of Divinity

And so to this journey of divinity, trust is the key to the next element of the journey of implementation. For years many have failed to find their place, have struggled to fit in a world they have failed to understand and relate to.

Now, be true and safe in the knowledge that your world as you see it, touch it, feel it, does exist. Truly live within this existence but as a being of oneness. Create your own roads, create your own divine work place and your vision of truth within this understanding of the Earth plane and all she holds true.

Be that true being which has showed themselves many times before and by the same understanding disappeared, locked away in a cupboard for the world not to bestow, not to see and neither to feel. Yet you existed, you were there and now you are here. You exist and you are ready to bestow and understand, and truly vibrate. Breath, take your time and allow the essence of your truth to unfold into the understanding which will help you move forward with your divinity.

Your divinity is that which will naturally help others for the understandings you bestow and hold will naturally be transferred to others whose energy, understandings and divinity is ready to receive. Hold true to your truth and those that need you will be sought and will arrive upon your door at a time that is to the understanding of their divinity and pathway.

Breath and flow, all is in hand. Congratulations, well done and welcome home.