The Kingdom of Heaven

There is much adversity if the world at the moment…have you noticed ? 😊. This is a time of great change, and shift within the consciousness of humanity, to answer the call to move into a deeper place within themselves. It’s a great time to move into a deeper place of understanding within the nature of your own essence, within the nature of ultimate being.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within, are the teachings of Jesus.

On a broader collective asking we are being asked to look within, for the activities that fulfilled the outer nature of reality are currently on hold. What greater time can there be for a greater awakening of spiritual consciousness?

In order for our beautiful planet and the essence of humanity to thrive in it’s truest state we need to move more out of the egoic structure of fear, control and ultimate survival into a place of expansion, depth and truth of being. In a bid to do our bit for humanity and our planet, maybe it’s time to answer the deeper calling and ‘go within’?

Are you ready to answer the call?