The Light of Consciousness

The energy that is the light of God, the light of consciousness. I can feel it, I can sense it, it’s truth, it’s love, it’s ultimate divinity. It’s who I am, I am the light, I am truth, and I exist as the divine understanding of life. I exist to bring you the joy in knowing your own divinity and the divinity of others. I exist because I am.

Within the depth of all existence there is a divine understanding of transcendent mystery. There is a spark of the divine in all, if you were to only see it, to know it, to become it…in truth. In truth of the experience of it, far beyond the intellectual knowing of it. The truth is who you are, the truth is who I am. Know that at times of change, of rocky roads and troubled waters, a spark of the divine, of ultimate divinity still exists. That transcendent mystery of who you are….know the divinity within you. The ultimate being….