My work with the Realm of Spirit…

I have knowingly been working for the world of spirit for many years, whether it be within the healings, teachings, readings or circle work that I’ve done. However, looking back I now know that I have been working for spirit since I was born and have been very sensitive of energies and the subtitles of people and their spirits all my life.

Life hasn’t always been an open book for my spiritual work, and like others, I’ve experienced many ‘trauma’s’ that ‘knocked me off my perch’. However, since utilising the skills and practises that I know offer to others, and going within, I can say that my awareness and communication with my spirit friends has expanded wonderfully.

I love the work I do with the world of spirit and it’s such a joy to share that feeling and stillness with others. It’s a wonderful coming together, on many a level and I am deeply humbled.

Below is a description of some of my concentrated work for development etc.

Trance Communication
Working within the beautiful energy of trance enables spirit to come a lot closer and work with me on a deeper level. I have a deep faith with my spirit team and allow that inspiration to flow. I have been privileged to sit within closed circles of wonderful friends who have embraced this and given energy to allow me to develop a deeper understanding of my trance work.

Working within the trance state has enabled me to speak some wonderful teachings from spirit, to allow us to feel some wonderfully deep and powerful healing and also to watch and see how the energy changes of the face, the body and then aura. I feel deeply honoured that spirit are working with me in such a way and sometimes describe the experience as being ‘washed from the inside’.

Mediumship communication is a wonderful way to help those who have lost a loved one to gain a sense of peace and understanding that their essence lives on. As Gordon Smith would say ‘You can’t die for the life of you’. Being a developing medium allows me to connect with loved ones and guides and bring through messages to hopefully help the individual gain a sense of peace and at times guidance (where appropriate).

It can also help an individual to gain the truth and understanding of their own infinity and can help with their connection to the world and spirit of their loved ones. This can bring comfort and understanding in a gentle non-invasive way.

Spiritual Teaching
I am privileged to offer assistance to those who cross my path to help them to understand and talk through their experiences of spirit. Sometimes these experiences can be confusing and a little unsettling. Sharing my knowledge and understanding I aim to help people gain an understanding of the spirit world and with their own beautiful world of spirit. Each experience is unique and sometimes we just need someone to talk it through with. I have been privileged to gain teachings from the spirit world and feel honoured to share it with those who are placed on my pathway. Everyone has this knowledge and understandings within so remember that whenever you are seeking knowledge, trust your instincts to tell you what feels right for you, this is your natural inner wisdom.

The healing work that I undertake can happen on a number of different levels and I trust in my team that work with me to guide me in the right direction. Healing can take place on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and can come in many forms. I love the healing work that I do with people (and at times with those in the spirit realm) and seeing them being touched on many different levels. At times I am privileged to feel the individual being touched by spirit, by their own spirit and also the beautiful energy of Mother Earth. I feel that at times like these it can give spirit the opportunity to inspire the individual, to help them feel they are not alone and also to pass on knowledge or information that may help them. Every experience and individual is of course very different and very unique.

Inspirational writing and speaking
If many years ago you would have told me that I would be working with another medium, on a platform, sharing inspirational philosophy with an audience of over 90, I would have run a mile!! However, I absolutely love it, to stand there and see faces looking back at you with such joy and understandings in their eyes, is a joy!

Connecting with my own beautiful spirit and my team of spiritual guides I share with the audience words of upliftment and joy. There is always a beautiful message inspired by spirit and I feel such a delight in sharing this with others; even if just one person walks away feeling inspired, then it fills my heart with such a sense of wonder and peace.

My writing is again inspired by spirit and is either channelled using words of the spirit or is just purely inspired. Again message of joy and upliftment are passed but also teachings are shared. I have such a passion for the writing that I do and which has developed through my own development of my spiritual self and in getting to understand who I am. At times of distress in my life I have turned to my writing which helps me to gain an understanding and dig deep into the wisdom needed. Writing can be incredibly empowering, especially when you do it for you.

I have over the years devoured many books and have enjoyed many a fascinating read. I like to share these books with others and in time hope to include a separate page of my thoughts and understandings of that which I have had the pleasure to devour. Books can contain such wonderful writings; trust in your own instincts and take from books only that which feels right for you. One of the most wonderful ways of self-empowerment is to have your own discernment, allow yourself to question and ponder. Have fun with books and allow them to come alive but also allow them to challenge you.