Work with Samantha

Resting within the depth of formless presence/inspiration/stillness/spaciousness/unconditional love/transformational aware consciousness to encourage, support, intuitively guide (within awareness);

  • Conscious Awareness and Deeper Spiritual Awakening/Development
  • Deeper self-inquiry
  • Embodiment
  • The Present Moment and Manifestation
  • Spaciousness and Calmness
  • The Space for Alchemic/Healing transformation; from suffering to….
  • Deep Acceptance/Surrender/Allowing
  • Ultimate Truth within Who you Think you are
  • Moving through changes and challenges within Presence and Awareness
  • To be within Stillness for Clarity/Broader Perspective to arise
  • Moving beyond mental concepts
  • An Open Mind and Heart
  • Non-judgement

Practicing to root presence, embodiment, quiet spacious stillness in every session;

Within the realm of pure consciousness, creative, powerful, effective thought may arise, giving rise to spacious understanding of the depth of inner knowing that resides within.  Resting in a deeper sense of ones own presence of being.

Samantha will intuitively guide you, whilst adopting the principles of inner knowing and curious open exploration to explore your experience on a deeper level of that which may arise during the session; together with quiet space to give rise to that which is to be known in order for it to move through – all within the space of non-judgement.  Allowing the arising of gentle, yet often deeply powerful, transformation to take place within the stillness in the field of awareness.

Samantha resides within a space of deep inner knowing and may be drawn to different avenues within your experience where she can sense your misalignment.  She will graciously encrourage deeper inquiry within your awareness and guide you to a space within present awareness for transformation/exploration to be present, including the space for your own intuition and deeper knowing to arise – all within the principles of recognising the formless within.

Samantha will share with you, any arising thought within presence that is perhaps, an understanding beyond mental concept, for she feels that to know what is behind is sometimes to know what’s in front…so to speak.

Samantha rests deeply in spacious awareness and is always deeply supportive of your unique experience.  Her inner knowing, deep awareness, calming voice, natural humour and non-judgement allows her to be within the awareness of, and understanding of, the arising wisdom within –  her joy is in sharing this with you. Samantha is deeply dedicated and passionate in resting in the joy of her own presence and in truth of others knowing, and becoming aware of, their true nature and presence.

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~ Samantha holds a free 20 minute Intuitive Discovery Session to chat through how you may work together…please see below for contact details to arrange this ~ 

One-to One Sessions

~ Held within Presence – Phone Support, Guidance and Consultation

~ Walking within Stillness and Nature – Undertaken Outdoors Within The Beautiful Energy of Nature (this is a beautiful oportunity, if all you wish for your session, is a time spent out of time for you to ‘just be’ within silence/quiet space for inner calmness)..

~ Beautifully Connected within Being – Undertaken Remotely via Phone

~ Sitting with Being – Undertaken Indoors and with the option of Nature Walks

~ VIP Depth within Presence – 3-4 hour Intensive Focus

~ VIP Depth within Presence – Full day Intensive Focus

Contact us: Phone on 07870 557641 ~ Or email:                    

 thanks for today it was brilliant. I feel more centred and calmer. I love being around you, your energy is always so reassuring”.
JF, Bristol