Work with Samantha

Working within the energy of presence, inspiration, stillness, spaciousness, unconditional love and transformational aware consciousness to encourage, support, intuitively guide (within awareness);

  • Conscious Awareness and Deeper Spiritual Awakening/Development
  • Deeper self-inquiry
  • Ultimate Truth within Expression
  • Embodiment
  • The Present Moment
  • Spaciousness
  • The space for Alchemic/Healing transformation; from suffering to….
  • Deep Acceptance/Surrender/Allowing
  • Ultimate Truth within Who you Think you are
  • The Unknown
  • Moving through changes and challenges within presence of awareness
  • To be within the stillness for Ultimate Truth/Higher Spiritual Consciouness/Depth of Creativity/Clarity to arise

Samantha will be with you in the stillness to explore within yourselves the experience of spirituality and the desire to go deeper, accessing deeper dimensions within to experience your deeper spiritual nature.  She will be with you, in support, encouragement and holding, to explore and allow for your deeper experience to emerge.  Practicing to root presence, your spiritual nature and heart centred awareness within your every day experience…all within spiritual autonomy and uniqueness of being.

Samantha holds a free 20 minute Intuitive Discovery Session to chat through how you may work together…please see below for contact details to arrange this

Below are the details of the private sessions Samantha currently offers…

~ Held within Presence – Phone support, guidance and consultation

~ Walking with Being – One to one sessions undertaken within the beautiful energy of nature

~ Beautifully Connected within Being – One to one sessions undertaken remotely and by phone

~ Sitting with Being – One to one sessions undertaken with private room space and the option of nature walks

~ VIP Depth within Presence – 3 hour intensive focus

~ VIP Depth within Presence – Full day intensive focus

Samantha looks forward to having the opportunity to be with you in your spiritual unfoldment – She is available for contact through phone on 07870 557641 or email:                    

As a practitioner Sam is intuitive, using her really caring and gentle energy to facilitate changes. I am so impressed with the changes I have made. I highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to have a deeper experience of the positive things in life.

Ben Oakley. BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.