One to One Sessions

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again” Joseph Campbell

To hold the space and sit within awareness to facilitate sitting with your experience and the exploration and listening with gentle curiosity and non-judgement. Allowing your deeper wisdom and presence to arise. Working within the energy of presence and stillness to quieten the mind and open the heart. Moving deeper into the space of the heart to understand the spiritual heart which knows it’s indestructible.

To focus on spiritual consciousness and the understanding that there is nothing ‘to fix’. To draw and guide you into a deeper expanded spaciousness to allow the arising of your inner being; thus dissolving suffering and learning the true nature of your being.

To view your thoughts/beliefs and understand the bigger picture; allowing intuitive insight to arise, previously hidden avenues of opportunity to become clear and move more fully into a clearer expression of love.

Allow the core of yourself to be in every aspect of your life; especially within the monetising of your profession and your personal financial evolution.

Experience the arising and movement into the awareness of inspiration, intuitive knowing, inner confidence, inner contentment, clarity, and kindness.

To help you stay within the body, which is essential for connecting with the essence of who you are.  Understanding that our body is one of our sensory devices in which our true nature experiences itself.

To hold you in higher awareness when your development becomes a little rocky – the pain body kicks in or you get lost in your head – gently guiding and facilitating your return to presence and deepening your awareness of your experience; resting in the wisdom.

Facilitating your movement into deeper realms of spiritual consciousness to understand and embody the true depth of the ultimate; understanding the paradox of non-duality and the individualism of spirit.

Working with you in a naturally supportive, compassionate, reflective and accepting space.  For details of the practices that I offer please see Energy Practices  

Please contact me for session information which is intuitively guided to suit where you are currently; sessions available are:

Amble Into Abundance – walk within nature

Space within Presence – one to one hourly sessions

VIP Depth within Presence – 3 hour intensive focus

VIP Depth within Presence – Full day intensive focus

Want to work with me but not sure what you want? Please contact me to arrange a free 20 consultation.

To book your appointment, or a free 20 minute consultation, please either contact me on 07870 557641 or email:                    

As a practitioner Sam is intuitive, using her really caring and gentle energy to facilitate changes. I am so impressed with the changes I have made. I highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to have a deeper experience of the positive things in life.

Ben Oakley. BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.