Work with Samantha

I understand the depth of commitment and work being on a spiritual pathway entails, which can sometimes feel like a lonely experience; it’s my pleasure to offer my commitment with you….are you ready?

Mentoring and Creating a Loving, Safe, Spacious, Still and Sacred Space for Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, Contemplation, Transformation; all within your beautiful unique expression

Resting within the sacred space of loving stillness to support, encourage, explore and intuitively guide you in every session. Your unique expression of your sense of spirituality is beautiful and I will meet you where you are at and tailor each session accordingly.  There is no set ‘follow this way and in this order’ instruction as the unfoldment of your journey is unique and sacred to you, and I will rest in presence to honour this, thus knowing that what you require within that moment will be provided for you.

That which is sacred within me is communing with that which is sacred within you, and it is within this understanding of an invitation to a deeper part of yourself and your ‘return to source’ when things may be rocky for you.  I will hold and guide you home to that empowerment that lives within the true you, thus holding the opportunity for deep transformation.

My commitment to you is to honour your own truth, to offer pointers when needed and to guide and support you, beautifully baring witness and deeply listening to your truth.  To hold you and guide when you’re lost or feeling stuck, helping you back and through the confusion for a return to clarity and calmness of your being.

I will be your companion and help you nurture your own path and calling.  To help you feel deeply connected within your body and to focus your awareness for your own truth to evolve.  To help you with the connection to the divinity within all, gently understanding the deeper meaning and truth of your experience – all within your uniqueness.  I will hold the space for your own development to emerge as the answers are always within.

I will support and guide you at the start of your journey, going deeper into your journey and the desire to lead a more spiritual existence within every aspect of your experience within your beautiful life; in your work, relationships, through change and day to day life…

During years of working with others it has arisen within my awareness that I can intuitively ‘hear’ within your energy where you may be out of alignment with your unique truth. I will honour this space within you by using my natural warmth, calmness and guidance to bring this to awareness whilst holding you in the space for further investigation, exploration and will intuitively guide you for transformation/clarity/creation to arise. I honour and adopt the principles of curious open exploration and spacious loving presence to help you explore your experience on a deeper level, whilst deeply honouring your uniqueness.

In being within this space with you I will guide you and gently inspire avenues of further insight through the depth of my own development, research/study, training, awareness and intuited insights/wisdom that may arise within the moment, again meeting you where you are at.  Honouring the benefit of feeling that sometimes to know what is behind is sometimes to know what’s in front…so to speak.

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~ I hold a free Intuitive Discovery Session to chat through how we may work together…please see below for contact details to arrange this ~ 

One-to-One Sessions

( One-to-One Sessions are currently priced individually, however, Mentoring Packages are currently in development) 

~ Held within Stillness – Phone Support, Guidance and Consultation

~ Walking within Stillness and Nature – Undertaken Outdoors Within The Beautiful Energy of Nature.

~ Beautifully Connected within Stillness – Undertaken Remotely via Phone

~ Sitting within Stillness – Undertaken Indoors and with the option of Nature Walks

~ VIP Depth within Presence – 3-4 hour Intensive Focus

~ VIP Depth within Presence – Full day Intensive Focus

Contact me: Phone on 07870 557641 ~ Or email:                    

 thanks for today it was brilliant. I feel more centred and calmer. I love being around you, your energy is always so reassuring”.
JF, Bristol