Work with Samantha

Spaciousness, Stillness and Sacredness for Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, Contemplation, Natural Creation and Transformation

Resting within the sacred space of loving stillness to support, encourage, explore and intuitively guide you in every session.  To allow for transformational opportunities to arise within the open stillness of unconditional love and for opportunities of clarity, creation and deeper awareness to unfold within every aspect of your experience within your beautiful life; in your work, relationships, through change and day to day life…

Samantha will work with you in spacious awareness within mentoring to be present, embodied and grounded within your experience for the open space of reflection, exploration and deeper awareness. Guiding you for natural creation to occur through loving presence that’s in alignment with your True Nature….together with the understanding of creation from a loving open stillness.

To allow space for calmness to arise which allows you to gracefully honour all that you are experiencing, in a non-judgemental way, and supporting you within the truth of conscious loving surrender; allowing the space to honour all emotions and thoughts..

Samantha will loviingly support you through change and transition, and with the depth of present silliness guide you to a place of spacious understanding for clarity, inspiration and the opportunity for creative, powerful thoughts, together with your beautiful inner knowing awareness and strength to arise.

Samantha has a natural depth of inner knowing and can hear within your energy where you may be out of alignment with your unique truth. She will use her warmth, calmness and guidance to bring this to awareness whilst holding you in the space for further investigation, exploration and will intuitively guide you for transformation/clarity/creation to arise.  She adopts the principles of curious open exploration and spacious loving presence to help you explore your experience on a deeper level, working intuitively to that which may arise during the session.

In being within this space with you Samantha will guide you and gently inspire avenues of further insight through the depth of her own development, research/study, training, awareness and intuited insights/wisdom that she feels will be of benefit to you; for she feels that to know what is behind is sometimes to know what’s in front…so to speak.

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~ Samantha holds a free 20 minute Intuitive Discovery Session to chat through how you may work together…please see below for contact details to arrange this ~ 

One-to One Sessions

~ Held within Stillness – Phone Support, Guidance and Consultation

~ Walking within Stillness and Nature – Undertaken Outdoors Within The Beautiful Energy of Nature.

~ Beautifully Connected within Stillness – Undertaken Remotely via Phone

~ Sitting within Stillness – Undertaken Indoors and with the option of Nature Walks

~ VIP Depth within Presence – 3-4 hour Intensive Focus

~ VIP Depth within Presence – Full day Intensive Focus

Contact us: Phone on 07870 557641 ~ Or email:                    

 thanks for today it was brilliant. I feel more centred and calmer. I love being around you, your energy is always so reassuring”.
JF, Bristol