Testimonial from Hilary Lewis

Dear Sam, I can not find the words to thank you for all the help you have given me in coming to terms with the guilt I was carrying regarding the sudden death of my mother, after leaving her in respite care, and her fall resulting in her untimely death. My mother was a very lively intelligent 96 year old, I could not get over the fact that if I had not left her, she would quite possibly be alive today. I could not believe that grief and guilt could affect a person so deeply, I would start crying at the mention of her name, could not eat properly and was just not functioning properly. After your caring and wonderful approach at first putting me at ease, the fact that you could help me, and clear all my grief and guilt, was beyond belief. I would recommend Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT) to everybody and I do!
God Bless you Sam. and a very big thanks again.
Hilary Lewis, Torquay, Devon.