Hello & Welcome

Hello and Welcome to my new site and thanks for visiting! Since developing a deeper understanding of the way I work with my clients I felt I wanted to reflect that with a new site, also one that I could easily add my thoughts and findings on myself…instead of keeping hassling my wonderful brother and web designer each time!! He designed this lovely site as well as my beautiful previous one – to him I am very grateful!!

So I hope you enjoy what you ready on this site, but most importantly that it will help you to help yourself and understand that you are the most important person on your path. Those who join you, and walk with you, do so at a time they are most welcome to you, even those that bring you challenges. Understand the beautiful strength you have within and follow your wonderful intuition, in whatever teachings, understandings and theory you gain throughout your journey.

I wish you peace, happiness and understanding of the beautiful you.


ps – If you would like to chat about how I may be able to help you, then please do call me on 07870 557641 or email ofsacredstillness@gmail.com