Beyond the session, the changes in me have been really noticeable – an inner calmness in my day-to-day activities and in my meditation practise, I am accessing a deeper awareness and sense of peace. Ben Oakley BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.

Hi Sam, thanks for today it was brilliant. I feel more centred and calmer. I love being around you, your energy is always so reassuring.
JF, Bristol

Dear Sam, a BIG thank you for our session.  I feel without your session and support I wouldn’t be in this positive state that I am in now, things have gone smoothly and everything seemed to have fallen into place. So, a massive thank you for your session and non-judgment about what I was feeling. It has made a difference. I saw a friend on Friday and she said that I looked younger and I was so much more positive, so good news that people have noticed. Another friend is also really annoyed at me that I’m looking younger every day. Lol…

I am feeling positive. I spent a day with my-ex saying goodbye (although he was reluctant to and kept saying that he will see me in 3 months), I know that it was truly over for me and don’t feel guilty like I did before. I thought I would be emotional; I didn’t feel anger at him but sadness for myself that 31 years ago I left everything behind me and totally lost myself.

Well, that’s not happening in my new city. I am going to be totally selfish and do what I want to do!! I’ve even found a coliving place abroad that I like the look of so hoping to go there after 3 months in London or wherever the wind blows me! Perhaps when I run writing retreats in France and Italy that you will come and be my “creating a safe space support”.

Thanks again for the amazing session and for being an amazing person. I will definitely ring you when I need another TLC from Sam. AH, Bristol

Hi Sam, after I left you last Monday my energy has changed in a completely different way, it feels stronger.

Tuesday morning I had a call at 5am saying the shop alarm was going off but I had a feeling it wasn’t a break in, which it wasn’t. On walking into the shop my energy, that I feel looks after me, was right behind me on my right shoulder.

Also the energy has changed for me in the shop, as people seem to connect to the energy quicker, than they would normally.

After seeing you the energy around me is so much clearer and hopefully the meditations will be too, although I’ve not had the chance for a mediation yet.
Just to say a Big thank you Sam
RH, Bristol

Sam very kindly did a full house clear along with our family’s connection to the property. She has incredible intuition and it’s clear she has a stong connection. The house has felt so much more harmonious since – general sleep has improved and our 4 year old twins are settled in their own rooms again. Thank you so much Sam, I am so glad you were recommended so highly to me. I pass that recommendation on!
VB Bristol

I’ve known Sam for years and highly recommend her. She came to the hospital to give me a session just before my mastectomy operation and the surgeon was very impressed in how fast I was healing, so that’s a recommendation from him too!
SS Bristol

Sam is a true honest soul who works with only your best intentions….truly gifted.
JE, Cornwall

“Sammi the energy was amazing ! It was received in a wave like motion, very strong, almost made me sea-sick, that gradually slowed but not for half an hour, the wave slowed to a slow wave retreating from the beach. 5 mins later all was calm. I felt very cocooned in warmth, and initially pink colour came to mind and stayed for a bit. I feel very relaxed.
You are truly amazing. Thank you xx. Gosh…how beautifully amazing is the power and love of healing xx
CA, Bristol

I (49 years) have met Samantha during the toughest time of my life! My young daughter (7 years) was going through a pain that most mothers see as their worst nightmare! Having cried every single day the past year, being depressed for the very first time of my life (I usually see the bright side of things) and having the feeling that my daughter and me would never ever feel happiness again after what happened. Having, on top of that, everything else in my life go wrong because I wasn’t in a good place…. I was literally at the end of my rope.

My first meeting with Sam was wonderful. She is a good listener and could relate to my pain, which I found comforting. But what happened almost immediately after our first session was an absolute miracle! I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and suddenly I could see that my daughter and I could be happy again, that there was a way we could put this behind us and move on. I didn’t cry anymore and slowly good things started to happen again in me and my daughter’s life.

After only 3 sessions I was back to my normal positive self and good things keep on happening to us! I will never forget what you did for us Samantha! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. MS, Bath

I am nearly 86 and 2 weeks ago I had yet another bad fall. I damaged my left wrist, arm and my left leg, plus my head. I was black, blue and yellow and in some pain. After 3 x-rays, no bones broken; it was a matter of enduring and getting over the trauma.
A number of days later by friend Sam (Samantha Cross) came to the usual meditation meeting and afterwards we had a wonderful session together. I’ve never experienced this kind of energy before (I am an experienced healer myself, laying on of hands). I lay on my lounge chair horizontally, closed by eyes and Sam began moving her hands above my body and along it, I felt movement, in my body, a tickle, a real connection up and down, exactly under Sam’s slowly moving hands. I was thrilled knowing that energy was moving within and around me. This lasted about 45 minutes. I felt no pain after she’d finished. A truly wonderful experience.

That night and the following day everything was hurting badly and part of the next night. But the following morning I had NO PAIN at all. The bruising was disappearing and even my arthritis wasn’t troubling me. (I did sit down a lot that day though!). Since then the colours on my face (2 weeks after the fall) are almost gone. The swelling on my leg/ankle and bruising are almost gone. The damage to my hand has completely gone and I can move it any way I want to. I had been unable to dress myself properly and now all systems are working. I urge anyone to try this amazing experience. I feel Sam has been chosen to do this work”. TD, Clevedon

Sam did an excellent job at cleansing my 300 year old cottage. I had felt a presence for quite some time and having met Sam thought it was time to investigate. Sam was very sensitive but also brought some humour to the situation. She also gave me some really handy tips as to how I could re-arrange furniture to make the energy flow more freely through the house. I would highly recommend Sam and would not hesitate to use her again. SB, Bristol

Thank you so much for the session last week.  I thought it was amazing.  Thanks for being so warm and friendly  – it really put me at ease! SD, Bristol

I was very apprehensive about my spiritual session as you hear lots of different stories.  I was sceptical about what I might receive but I wanted the experience.  I did have an intention to speak to a loved one but had no expectations.  Sam’s sensitivity and her passion for what she does put me at ease and I trusted her which I think is important when dealing with such a sensitive issue.  My loved one did come through and I had my questions answered.  I was totally unaware of how healing it was going to be and I walked away with a weight lifted off my shoulder.  Sam also spent time to answer my questions that I had.  I found the whole experience uplifting, emotional and healing.  Thanks to Sam’s wonderful talents I felt totally at ease and not whacky at all.  I gained so much out of the experience that I urge anyone to have a go!  AH, Bristol

Some workshop Feedback
What a fab day I had at your workshop today!  I’m still buzzing with enthusiasm and hope for the future.

I know this has been a pivotal moment in my life. You’re such a natural at what you did today.  Even though I felt a bit self conscious at times, because you are the way you are, I felt able to step out of my comfort zone.  SS, Bristol

The emphasis on manifesting and being clear was very useful.  I am already more mindful of what thoughts are coming forward to emphasis the idea of lack, I will neutralise them a.s.a.p.  Enjoyable, valuable, interesting.  SS, Bristol

A fab day with lovely like-minded people in a safe environment.  Sam’s approach to lighten it up and have fun took some of the difficulties of talking about money away.  Insightful, enjoyable, relaxing.  AH, Bristol

Thank you very much! Fresh, fun, fabulous  NS, Bristol

Fab, challenging, informative  GP, Bristol

Engaging, Enlightening, Sharing  AC, Bristol

Exciting, thought provoking, stretching.  Thank you for the day Sam  GP, Bristol

Informative, fun, uplifting  SR, Bristol

More tools for my toolbox.  Very well delivered, bring on the next one!  CA, Bristol

Very good to do exercises, get out of head and into heart.  Brilliant, fun, companiable  SB, Bristol

Inspirational, friendly, warming.  Meeting like minded people, energy and enthusiasm.  LW, Devon

“Thank you Sam for all the healing support, encouragement and advice you’ve given me, especially during my lowest point which I really think I would not have recovered from if not for you, your healing energy and your understanding.  Thank you so much for being there for me MS, Bristol

“Sam has a lovely personality and I always enjoy our chats. She is very sweet and friendly and makes me feel relaxed and special. She has amazing ‘healing’ hands and a beautiful voice to listen to. When I have a session with her it sends me into my own sweet heaven. I love my sessions with Sam and feel very lucky to have found someone so caring as her.” E from Bristol

Initially a reluctant client, having been persuaded by my partner to at least give it a go, I found Sam’s sessions utterly engaging from the start.  Sam is highly intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, likeable and very professional. Each session left me increasingly empowered with greater self-awareness, practical tools to address to my stress-related issues and a generally more positive outlook on life. I cannot recommend Sam too highly. FK, Bristol

If I had been told at my first session how fabulous I would feel by the end I would not have believed Samantha. In fact I would go so far as to think that she was a liar, which is a little strong, but…….. this good??? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would feel so happy and content in myself. However looking back at what an awful place I was in is actually quite scary; to think that I survived that long with all those feels of inadequacy, self loathing and punishing myself with my truly unhealthy relationship with food is not only upsetting it is a wonder that I managed to externally hold it together for so long. You see to the outside world I was the happy go lucky, confident, successful woman. What can I say…….I was an amazing actress!!!One day I woke up and decided enough was enough, I couldn’t carry on my life like this, feeling totally miserable about my weight and the bad relationship I had with food. So I went onto the internet and did a little research and that is when I came across Samantha Cross. This sounded perfect, it was something new to me and quirky enough to spark a level of intrigue so I thought I would give it a go.I still remember my first session as if it was yesterday……I went in wanting a fix for my eating disorder and ended up in a total melt down. However with Samantha’s sensitivity and luckily her sense of humour I managed to get through the first session. Humour is part of my protection, it helps me deal with situations that I can find particularly stressful or upsetting and fortunately for me Samantha not only has a fabulous sense of humour she knew exactly when to use it to help me and support me. The amusing thing for me, however looking back, was that I went in there expecting a quickish fix on my eating disorder, a little tapping (which is a little weird at first) and then it would be solved…Ta dah…. But no…….I totally spiralled, all these feelings started to flood out like a tap had been turned on. Stuff was coming out of my mouth that I didn’t even know or even think was an issue. One by one over the following weeks Samantha helped me break it all down and in some cases reprint some of the memories that were particularly painful to me.
This has definitely been a journey for me. A journey that has taken me down many many paths, with lots of twists and turns. It has been painful but enlightening. It has been sad (think I cried every session!!….you can’t help it they just come out of nowhere!!!) but joyous. It has been freaky (in a good “oh my god how does that work” way) and it has been educational (through the knowledge passed on from Samantha based on her learning and reading). But most of all it WORKED. And it worked in more ways than I could have ever have thought possible. I haven’t been on a set scales for over 3 months which for someone who was on them faithfully every morning this is a monumental achievement. I haven’t made myself sick for over 3 months (HUGE!!) and although I know I have put a little weight it is not a MAJOR issue. I feel happy and content in who I am. I shan’t lie, I would like my clothes to feel a little more comfortable so I have started an exercise plan; however it isn’t about losing those pounds on the scale it is about feeling comfortable in my clothes. For the first time in my life I have absolutely no idea how much I weigh!!!! AND IT FEELS AMAZING.
However none of this would have been achieved without Samantha Cross. There are not words enough to show my gratitude to this amazing lady. She guided, supported, sympathised and empathised with me throughout my journey in a truly genuine manor. I have found our sessions not only therapeutic in the fact that I have progressed in discovering and liking me again, but also interesting and informative. Whenever I have had a question she has provided an answer either based on her opinion or from the vast learning that she has obtained. She will forever now go down as my “truly inspirational person”….you know the question you are often asked in ice breakers / introductions! Thank you so much Samantha. CS, Bristol

Our sessions allowed me to look at the aspects of my past and present that were causing me difficulty and engage with them in a mature way that felt both healing and as if it taught me valuable life skills. I particularly enjoyed working with Sam to develop imagery that gave me strength when visualising it and taking a walk into my past to see my memories with wiser and more compassionate eyes. Sam is really adept at picking up on the clues about what is relevant and useful in the aspects of issues that I discussed with her and in knowing how much of the energy tapping needs doing to free something up. I found that the physical aspect of the process, light and pleasant, freed me from just letting my head lead me down the same old paths. Now, over a year later, I still have vivid memories of the work we did together and still enjoy some of the imagery regularly – it is like a part of the relationship Sam and I built up is still maintained and refreshed in that. I am very grateful for the energy and beauty she put into our sessions. Halla, Bristol

Sam has worked with me using mainly sound healing (although she incorporates many of her other skills in the processes she uses) and I am so impressed with the changes I have made.

As a practitioner Sam is intuitive, using her really caring and gentle energy to facilitate changes. Her explanation of how sound healing works was brilliant and clear, and the sessions themselves allowed me to relax and experience change at a profound and deep level. Beyond the session, the changes in me have been really noticeable – an inner calmness in my day-to-day activities and in my meditation practise, I am accessing a deeper awareness and sense of peace.

I highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to have a deeper experience of the positive things in life.
Ben Oakley BSc. Dip CLin Hyp. CP NLP. Coach.

Dear Sam
 What a privilege it was for me to receive your wonderful healing energy and beautiful words. I cannot describe in words how much it has uplifted me. I feel that I want to read them again and again.

I am glad you enjoyed the session so much too, you are a wonderful and gifted being, Sam. I feel very blessed to know you. 
Christine K. from Bristol

Dear Sam, I can not find the words to thank you for all the help you have given me in coming to terms with the guilt I was carrying regarding the sudden death of my mother, after leaving her in respite care, and her fall resulting in her untimely death. My mother was a very lively intelligent 96 year old, I could not get over the fact that if I had not left her, she would quite possibly be alive today. I could not believe that grief and guilt could affect a person so deeply, I would start crying at the mention of her name, could not eat properly and was just not functioning properly. After your caring and wonderful approach at first putting me at ease, the fact that you could help me, and clear all my grief and guilt, was beyond belief. I would recommend sessions to everybody and I do! God Bless you Sam, and a very big thanks again.
 HL, Devon.

Hello Sam
Just a little message to say a big thank you very much for all your time you share with us in our group sessions. Thank you also for your lovely energy and your beautiful smile! The songs you taught us last Friday were wonderful… it was so nice that I forgot the time! Carole, Bristol

Hello Sam. We had a brilliant workshop today – many thanks for introducing us to all the instruments – not forgetting using the voice. The sound seemed to wave through you and vibrate through the body, amazing stuff. Thanks again”. Roy

“Hi Sam. I just had to send you a big thank you for the workshop you led at Staunton. The gong was amazing which was my highlight and we all enjoyed the drumming. Everyone said how relaxed they felt, and we all benefited from the healing energy. I certainly learned a lot and had never realised how powerfully healing sound can be. When’s the next workshop??”